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Keep the Kids Busy and Happy This Summer at TC Kids College

Texarkana, Texas- Texarkana College is gearing up for another exciting Kids’ College this summer for kids ages 7-12. Students who enroll can participate in a wide range of different classes such as multiple sports classes, Lego-Robotics, Google Coding, Future Chefs in the Making, Cosmo Kids, and many others. Kids’ College was started in 1993 as part of the Community and Business Education Division. “For 24 years, Texarkana College has provided thousands of kids from grades 2-6 the opportunity to design robots, solve crimes, explore creative art, engage in cooking classes, and much more all while discovering new friendships in a fun and educational environment,” said Kristi Hart, TC Community and Business Education Director. Kids’ College is a two-week summer enrichment program for children in grades 2-6. Continue Reading →

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City Beautiful Committee to Host Clean Up

Texarkana, AR – The Texarkana Arkansas City Beautiful Committee will host a clean up Saturday May 20th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.   Texarkana Arkansas citizens may participate by bringing items to one of three locations within the city.  Drop off sites will be set up at Bramble Park, Market Place (the old County Market on Jefferson Ave) and The Sandflat Glendale Center on E. 14th. Dumpsters will be set up and supervised by City Beautiful Committee members from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  No items will be taken before 9:00 a.m. and no items will be taken after the dumpsters are full or after dumpsters have been picked up at 12:00 p.m.

Please do not leave items at any location unless there is a dumpster and a City Beautiful Committee member present.  Dumping items at these locations without a dumpster and a committee member could be considered illegal dumping. The following items may not be placed in dumpsters and will not be accepted:

Tires and/or Wheels
Automobile parts and/or batteries 
Dead animals – including fish
appliances with refrigerant
building materials – includes shingles
concrete, bricks, rock, dirt
paint and/or paint cans
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Ratcliffe Announces Major Economic Development for Texarkana

TEXARKANA, Texas – Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) announced a major economic development win for the greater Texarkana region at a ceremony Thursday in New Boston, Texas. The TexAmericas Center will receive a designation by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone), which will bolster its ability to attract new businesses and create jobs. “I’m incredibly pleased that my congressional staff and I were able to secure HUBZone designation for TexAmericas through our work with the Department of Defense and the Small Business Administration over the past year,” Ratcliffe said. “Given the enormous potential for increased job creation in this region, I’m very optimistic about the bolstered economic growth this HUBZone designation will bring.”


Through its HUBZone status, tenants at the TexAmericas Center will have preference for award of federal contracts to small businesses. They will also gain access to federal set-aside contracts and sole source contracts, as well as a price evaluation preference in full and open contract competitions. Continue Reading →

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The Long Goodbye…The End of Bryce Number Two

When Bryce’s moved from downtown to Interstate, many felt a similar sadness as to what they are feeling this week, as we say our final goodbyes to a place that is as associated with Texarkana as the Photo Island Downtown that stands in front of the most photographed federal courthouse (and post office) in the country. Bryce Lawrence Sr. probably never imagined that his cafeteria would become the iconic landmark that it is today. Many famous people have dined in our famous Cafeteria over the years. Perot, a hometown boy was eating there long before he became the billionaire he is today. He even brought Barbara Walters along for a meal when he was running for President back in 92. Continue Reading →

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McLarty Ford Gives Grant and Partners with Texarkana College For a Workforce Grant

Texarkana, Texas- At a check presentation on today, April 28th, McLarty Ford owners Michelle and Todd Shores will give $25,000 to the Texarkana College Foundation. The presentation will take place at 11a.m. in the Patman Room of the Truman Arnold Center on the Texarkana College campus at 2500 N. Robison Road, Texarkana, Texas. Their gift is going to fund a new endowed scholarship to support Texarkana College’s Presidential Scholarship program. The scholarship allows top graduating high school seniors to attend Texarkana College on full scholarship for two years. In addition, McLarty Ford has partnered with Texarkana College to receive a $141,231 Job-Training Grant from the Texas Workforce Commission. Continue Reading →

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Community Wide Yard Sale scheduled for this Saturday at Spring Lake Park


TEXARKANA, TX- The City of Texarkana, Texas Parks and Recreation Department will host the Spring Community Wide Yard Sale this Saturday, April 29, 2017 at Spring Lake Park. The yard sale will begin at 8:00 a.m. and last until 3:00 p.m.

This year, the electronics recycling event that is held in conjunction with the yard sale has been cancelled because the collection service that the City partners with every year is unavailable. For more information, please contact Robby Robertson at 903-798-3999 or email at rrobertson@txkusa.org. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall


Texarkana, USA – When anyone mentions a “Wall” these days, everyone seems to immediately think of President Trump’s border wall.  While taxpayers may debate, argue, and in some cases become outright violent over the wall, there is another wall people can and should think about when they hear the word “Wall.”  People in Texarkana and the surrounding areas should think seriously about the Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall. The organization is working as a non-profit to build a wall in Texarkana that will pay tribute and remember bikers who have fallen.  Often there is a misconception in society that bikers are bad.  They show up in long beards, tattoos, loud roaring bikes and leather from top to bottom.  People meeting them on the road get an immediate image in their mind of some big, evil motorcycle gang plowing through town looking to do no good.  The truth is the overwhelming majority of motorcycle clubs and bikers are decent and great folks.  Many are lawyers, doctors, construction workers, and business leaders.  To go further many of them are friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters, fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, grandparents and many other social titles that are too often overlooked.  At times society does not see beneath the beards, tattoos, leather and roaring bikes to see men and women who are part of our community.  They are part of us and when they die in a motorcycle accident, they take a small part of us with them. The Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall will list the names of those who have died in motorcycle accidents.  Often these accidents are not the riders fault.  Too many times a rider is not seen by motorist, ignored, or the motorist simply isn’t paying attention.  Unlike being hit in a car, when a motorcyclist is hit, his or her chances of survival drastically reduce.  It is the hope of the organization that the wall will serve as a memorial and bring attention to the need to “Look Twice” pay attention and “Share the road” with cyclist.  By giving Texarkana a place to see the numbers and know the names, this wall can make a difference. A few weeks ago, the need for the wall hit home with our family.  My brother-in-law was driving his motorcycle in Florida when he was hit by a car.  Fortunately, he survived and is going through rehab now, but it could have been worse.  My brother-in-law could have ended up like others we have known.   It could have been like a friend of ours who was killed just a little over a year ago.   We first met Thomas Robison, or “Cowboy” as we called him, when he was doing some work on our home.  He was an outstanding craftsman and your typical motorcycle-looking man.  He had the long beard, the tattoos, and a look that said, “Hey, I’d like to beat the crap out of you just because,” but Cowboy was nothing like that.  He was a father, and a grand-father.  He used to share pictures of his grandchild each time he came by the house.  He always invited me to come by the clubhouse and see the work he and other members of his motorcycle club had done.  I remember one day when he was showing me some motorcycles from a show on his phone I felt the sudden urge to throw in a joke so I asked, “So, is there any Gold Wings on here?”  For a moment Cowboy looked at me like I had lost my mind – which made me wonder for that second if I had misjudged the man’s humor level- then he laughed and said, “There ain’t no Gold Wings on this phone.”  I laughed, happy that this big man saw the humor in my statement.  He was a great guy.  In fact, the last time we saw him, we were planning to have some work done on a new stairway banister.  He seemed more excited about the project that we were. On April 7, 2016, Cowboy was driving south on 71 near the Sheriff’s office in Miller County.  He was on his bike and enjoying a wonderful April afternoon.  A car, driven by someone who did not see Cowboy’s bike, turned.  Cowboy’s motorcycle and the car collided.  He died that day because someone did not see him on his motorcycle.  He left behind a son, three daughters, brothers, sisters, and seven grandchildren.  Cowboy was 58 years young. Continue Reading →

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Old Tyme Burger Shoppe to Change Hours


Texarkana, USA – It’s no secret that Old Tyme Burger Shoppe is one of this writer’s favorite places in town to eat.  They have some of the best Chicken Fried Steaks and Chicken Fried Chicken in the region, they are family owned, and the atmosphere is friendly for anyone.  If someone comes to town, and intends to eat out, the Old Tyme Burger Shoppe is always one of the best options. Speaking with Thomas “Tombo” Collins today I learned that the hours at Old Tyme will be changing soon.  Tombo said that they have received a lot of feedback and request for additional hours at the restaurant.  To help with this, a new manager has been hired to assist Tombo, and new ideas are floating around the restaurant all the time.  Tombo said the hours would change starting May 1st to meet customer request. Starting May 1, the new hours will be as follows:

MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY                                                                           OPEN 6 AM TO 3 PM


The new hours should allow families and friends to stop in and pick up dinner or eat in the restaurant on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings before heading out on the town for other events.  It will be easy to go eat, and then head over to a movie or even a football game once the season rolls around again.   In a town saturated with mainstream, fast, food restaurants, it’s good to know that Old Tyme Shoppe is around to meet the needs of people wanting fast, quality food. Continue Reading →

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Time Travel in Texarkana

Texarkana, USA –  In a few short years Texarkana will have the ability to participate in time travel.  No, we won’t hope into a special machine and travel through time like a science fiction movie, but instead we will step back to 1973.   On April 14, 2023, just six years away, the cities of Texarkana will open the Texarkana Centennial Time Capsule.  The capsule was secured and buried near the downtown Courthouse/Post Office on the Texas side just in front of the 1936 World War memorial.   On April 14, 1973, the Centennial Committee buried this time capsule while parades, celebrations and parties around the city were going on to celebrate the period. Continue Reading →

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1894 City Market Building Defaced Over Weekend

Texarkana, AR-It is called the most photographed building in Texarkana, and it has become the centerpiece for the new 1894 Second Saturday Trade Days in Texarkana.  With care and devotion, David Peavy set out to revitalize the building located at 105 Olive Street – more commonly known as the corner of Front and Olive Streets in Texarkana, Arkansas.  The building has long been the site of prom photographs, wedding shoots, and even tourist passing through the city would stop in front of the unique structure and take pictures.  Peavy set out to bring life back into the building and the area by providing a second Saturday sale and ensuring the building remained prime and beautiful for photography and events for years to come.  Peavy, and many of his friends and supporters, saw the hard work vandalized this past weekend. The building is constantly visited by people, and most of them are respectful of the work being done, but someone this last weekend chose to disrespect Peavy, the building, all of Texarkana and ultimately himself or herself.  Someone wrote in spray paint of black and red “I love you So much” and included a big red heart.  Peavy immediately took to social media looking for signs of the culprit.  He also offered a $100 reward for to anyone who can help find the responsible person. As people began to search, monitor media outlets and make supportive comments to Peavy, it quickly became apparent that the community is not likely to find the responsible person.  There is a chance that somebody will come forward that saw something, that a nearby camera may have recorded something, or that friends of the person may turn them in to authorities.  But ultimately does that really matter?  Is $100 much of a reward?  Can the paint be cleaned off?  Well, the answer is no it doesn’t matter much, $100 is not much of a reward, and yes, the paint can be cleaned off.  The bigger picture needs to comes to the person who did this.  We know you’re out there somewhere reading this, or at least hearing about it, and we at the Four States News have to wonder exactly how you feel about what you’ve done?  Do you feel happy with yourself?  Do you love the thought that people in your town are disgusted with your actions?  Maybe you did not even think about it when you did it – maybe you just thought it was a fun night to do a little spray-art.  Whatever your thoughts are at this time, we can tell you what they should be….. The person, or persons who did this should be ashamed.  You have taken a historic building, one photographed by people from all over the region, and slandered it.  You have taken a building that David Peavy and many others have spent time, money, and a lot of effort to make beautiful for YOUR community.  He has allowed everyone, including YOU, to come to the building, see it, take part in the Saturday trade days, and take pictures in front of it.  David Peavy has given back to the community, and what he has given, YOU have tarnished.  So, today when you look in the mirror, or you check out the cool “I love you so much” sign you wrote, or you talk to the friends you may have been with when you did it, why don’t you stop and ask yourself how you really feel about this act?  Are you proud?  Are you happy with yourself?  Do you like knowing so many in your community are ashamed of what you did? Maybe if you spend a little time reflecting on your actions, you will come to realize that you have two choices.  Sure, you can go on and never say a word and maybe nobody will ever catch you.  Or your second choice has more honor and dignity for yourself and your community.  You can show everyone that mistakes can be made, but that people in Texarkana can take responsibility for their mistakes.  Maybe it’s time for you to go find Mr. Peavy and tell him what you did, clean up the mess, and make amends.  Although I can not tell you what Mr. Peavy will do, I can tell you that he is a man who has chosen to give back to the community and that should make him a decent guy in anyone’s book.  You just have to decide if you’re going to be as decent a Mr. Peavy is and take responsibility for your actions or not.  The choice is YOURS and all of Texarkana, USA is watching to see if you’ll do the right thing. Continue Reading →

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