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Texarkana Arkansas Promotes Two Officers

Texarkana Arkansas Police

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Two officers. Sergeant Scott Megason has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.  Lieutenant Megason began his career with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department in March of 1992. During his years in Law Enforcement Lt. Megason
has been assigned as an officer and supervisor in the Patrol Division, Services
Division, Special Operations Section, and the Criminal Investigation Division. 

Lt. Megason served as a Field Training
Officer, member of the Advisory Board, Coordinator for the Explorer Program, as
well as the Public Information Officer for the Texarkana Arkansas Police
Department.  Additionally, Lt. Megason serves
as a coordinator for the Hostage Negotiation Team for TAPD SWAT team. Lt. Megason holds a Senior Law Enforcement
Certificate and has received numerous letters of accommodation and appreciation.  Including recipient of the Life Saving Award. His promotion date is as follows; promoted
to Lieutenant (effective) 12/30/18. Continue Reading →

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Recent Vehicle Burglaries and Thefts

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has received numerous reports of vehicle break-ins and burglaries in the past several weeks. In most reported cases the vehicle was left unlocked with valuable items in plain sight.  TAPD is working diligently providing extra patrols, detective investigations, and undercover surveillance to cease this type of criminal activity.  

We are asking that all of our citizens become persistent in locking their vehicles. Ensuring all valuable items are not located inside the vehicle in plain sight. Continue Reading →

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Thanksgiving Holiday Seatbelt Mobilization

The Thanksgiving holidays is one of the busiest time of year, and to help save lives on our roadways, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department will be teaming with other state and local law enforcement agencies across the country to crack down on seatbelt violations. Statistics show that the Thanksgiving holidays period can turn deadly for motor vehicle occupants, something that is made more dangerous when the occupants of motor vehicles fail to wear their safety belts. During the week of November 20, 2017, through November 26, 2017, Officers with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department will be working the State Seatbelt Mobilization. Extra officers will be out and about looking for occupant restraint violations. Arkansas State Law requires that all front seat passengers and any passenger under 15 years of age be buckled up. Continue Reading →

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Civilian Response to Critical Incidents

Texarkana, AR- The tragic active shooter events our nation has recently suffered has generated many requests from local churches and businesses.  Many Arkansas Churches are concerned about church security and have been inquiring from TAPD about church safety.  From the beginning of Robert Harrison’s Police Chief tenure in 1992 we have been actively patrolling our Churches during designated congregation times and school campuses. TAPD has several Officers certified to teach the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) and the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events

(C.R.A.S.E.) course.  Both courses cover armed and unarmed response to active shooter events. This training is available to any business or place of worship in our community. We realize every facility is unique with certain goals and polices.   We will work together to create a program tailored specifically to meet the needs of your facility. Continue Reading →

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Battery 1st incident on 07/17/17 near Burhman Pharr Apartments

Texarkana, AR-Tuesday evening, July 17, 2017 around 6:00pm, 42 year old Daniel Hogan, along with his wife and daughter had just left the Salvation Army walking east on E 3rd Street near Laurel when they noticed they were being followed by a man they only recognized from the Salvation Army. As Hogan and his family approached the Burhman Pharr Apartments, Hogan’s wife observed the unknown male pull a pocket knife from his pocket and stab the victim in the back for no apparent reason. Hogan and Marley had not been involved in any prior altercation. Hogan and his family ran north away from the apartments towards the Miller County Courthouse where they were met by police. Hogan had sustained a deep puncture wound to his upper back and was transported to Wadley Hospital by Lifenet Ambulance. Continue Reading →

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Suspect Arrested on Traffic Stop


Texarkana, AR – On Friday, June 30, 2017 at 1:30pm Texarkana Arkansas Police Officer Chase Dixon attempted a traffic stop on a brown GMC Pickup Truck with fictitious tags, at the intersection of East 9th and Lincoln Street.  The driver of the vehicle fled and turned northbound on Oats street.  At the intersection of East 19th and Oats Street the suspect rammed into a patrol car operated by a TAPD police officer.  The suspect continued fleeing from officers by turning northbound on the railroad tracks located at the intersection of Broad Street and East 19th.  The suspect continued to drive on the railroad tracks until the vehicle was disabled from the tracks, which time the suspect fled on foot from the vehicle and into a wooded area nearby.  Shortly thereafter, TAPD Officer’s Rick Cockrell and Chris Estes located and arrested the suspect driver, Deon Lindsey, 45 yoa. Lindsey has been charged with Fleeing, Aggravated Assault, Possession of Methamphetamine, and Possession of Marijuana. The TAPD Officer involved in the crash received minor injuries. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas HB 1236 – Can We Protect Freedom and Family?

Arkansas – There is a very old saying that still circulates today that states, “If you give an inch, they will take a mile.”  It would be wise for Arkansas legislators, voters, and the courts to keep this old saying in mind while considering HB 1236 (ftp://www.arkleg.state.ar.us/Bills/2017R/Public/HB1236.pdf).  The bill would essentially make it a crime for anyone to distribute a video or dash cam recording of a police officer being killed in the line of duty. Read more from here, to learn more about dashcams and how they could help you. The concept is easy to understand.  The video is released either by the department, a freedom of information request, or a copy slips into the media. Continue Reading →

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TAPD Unveils New Police Cruiser Potential Graphic Design Change

Texarkana, AR –   Today the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has officially unveiled a new potential police cruiser graphic design change. We will be testing out the potential new change by gathering feedback from the officers and members of the community.  We want to know what you think? Thanks to an anonymous Texarkana Texas donor, who provided the funding to TAPD for the purchase of 10 used Dodge Police Chargers from the Missouri Highway Patrol.  (The Missouri Highway Patrol allows all of their vehicles that reach 50,000 miles to be removed from service and sold to law enforcement agencies around the county.)   For TAPD, purchasing the Missouri cars is a fiscally sound practice.  For the past 11 years TAPD has purchased all fleet vehicles this way due to the city’s budget restraints.  This is just one way TAPD strives to save our citizens money. The anonymous donor advised the donation was to ensure TAPD had dependable fleet vehicles to answer calls and to respond to emergency services. Continue Reading →

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Shooting in Attempted Robbery

Texarkana, AR -On Thursday, January 19, 2017, at approximately 12:00p.m., Texarkana Arkansas Police Department responded to 900 block of Jackson Street in reference to a 911 call of shots fired. Upon officer’s arrival, it was determined that an attempted robbery occurred in the 800 block of Grim street, where 4 or 5 unknown suspects entered a residence and attempted to rob the victims at gunpoint.  One of the victims fled the residence and was pursued by the suspects in a dark vehicle, possibly a Nissan Altima or Maxima.  The victim was subsequently shot by one of the suspects and located in the 900 block of Jackson Street by a family member who transported him to Wadley for medical attention where he is currently being treated with non-life threatening injuries. Anyone with information regarding this or any other crime is urged to contact Texarkana Arkansas Police at 903-798-3154, or the Texarkana area CrimeStoppers at 903-793-STOP. Thank you and you can visit the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department online at http://www.txkusa.org/arkpolice. Continue Reading →

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ArkLaTex 100 Club, Helping The Families of Fallen Local Heroes

Texarkana, USA – The ArkLaTex 100 Club has a target mission to benefit dependents of fallen firefighters and police officers of the ArkLaTex area.  Ed and Gail Eichler had started a 501 (c) 3 organization when their son died.  The Clay Eichler Memorial Fund provides specific benefits to the community, but the Eichler’s passion to help did not stop there.  They wanted to do more and out of that desire came the ArkLaTex 100 Club. After doing some research and talking with representatives from the Houston 100 Club, the board of the Clay Eichler Memorial Fund decided to support a new initiative.  Out of that support, the ArLaTex 100 Club was born to help dependents of fallen firefighters and police officers in the Bowie and Miller County areas. Gail Eichler says she visited with several police chiefs and fire departments to discuss the 100 Club.  One of the first people she visited with was Chief Robert Harrison of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department.  Chief Harrison and others were receptive of the idea and the local 100 Club began to move forward.  Gail said, “This was a time when officers were being targeted around the nation.”  It was a time when negative press and shooting seemed to blame officers.  As a result the Eichler’s and the board wanted to do more to show support for local police and firefighters. In a little over a year, the ArkLaTex 100 Club was buying needed equipment for fire departments and police departments.  As word spread to the public about the 100 Club, donations started slowly flowing. Continue Reading →

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