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Governor Asa Hutchinson Accepts Republican Nomination for Governor

Governor Asa Hutchinson Officially Becomes the Republican Nominee for Governor in 2018

Little Rock, AR-  At the Republican Party of Arkansas’s 2018 state convention last weekend, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson accepted the nomination for Governor on the Republican ticket. Governor Hutchinson issued the following statement:

“Today, I accepted the Republican nomination for Governor of Arkansas.  This is a high honor as I make my case to the voters to earn a second term. I am committed to the values of smaller and more efficient government, lower taxes, and greater opportunity for all Arkansans. The Republican Party understands that our record of over 150 million dollars in income tax cuts, over 70,000 jobs created, and leading the nation in computer science education all have put Arkansas on a dynamic trajectory. In a second term, I have already proposed further lowering the income tax rate, transforming state government and raising starting teacher pay to one of the highest in the region. Continue Reading →

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Governor Hutchinson’s Weekly Address:   Congratulations Class of 2018

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Hutchinson’s weekly radio address can be found in MP3 format and downloaded HERE.  
May is the month for graduations, which probably makes May the month with more speeches than any other month of the year. This week I spoke to the graduating class of Ozarka College in Melbourne. And all over the state, we have high schools graduations as well. I don’t remember what the commencement speaker said to my graduating class at Springdale High School in 1968, but I do remember who did the speaking. Continue Reading →

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Governor Hutchinson Supports Texarkana Income Tax Exemption

Governor Asa Hutchinson continues to be a friend to Texarkana.  During various visits to Texarkana, the Governor has stated that he supports the Texarkana income tax exemption; however, it’s easy for people in the area to assume statements made in Texarkana to the people of Texarkana could be for election purposes only.   Friday Governor Hutchison made good on his words to the residents of Texarkana when he publically stated that the income tax exemption for Texarkana is “justified”.  The Governor made the statement in Little Rock and it was quickly picked up by the mainstream press. To date, the Arkansas Tax Reform and Relief Legislative Task Force has been considering over forty tax exemptions in the state which includes income tax exemptions and sales tax exemptions.  Among those exemptions, the Texarkana Income Tax Exemption has been in the task force’s sights.   This income tax exemption not only affects Texarkana, Arkansas residents, but it also affects those residents of Texarkana, Texas working in Arkansas.    Representative Carol Dalby has been watching the situation closely and working to ensure that the exemption remains in place.  Senator Jimmy Hickey has also been a strong advocate and voice of support for the exemption. With Governor Hutchinson’s public statement being made in Little Rock, the people of Texarkana, both Texas and Arkansas, can rest assured that the most powerful voice in state politics is publically supporting our Representative and Senator as they work to keep the income tax exemption in place.  This is a positive sign for the Texarkana area as the task force continues its work.    The task force could make public recommendations as early as April 25.   Whatever recommendations the task force makes, it is good news for Texarkana that we have Governor Hutchinson on our side in this important review. Continue Reading →

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Governor Hutchinson announces Arkansans may now register vehicles online

Arkansas among first states to make this service available

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Asa Hutchinson today announced a significant change to the way Arkansans may register vehicles with the State of Arkansas. While registration previously required a trip to the Revenue Office, Governor Hutchinson announced vehicles may now be registered online at The website walks Arkansans through the following steps: 

Registering the vehicle
Paying sales tax on the vehicle purchase
Purchasing a new plate or transferring an existing plate to the vehicle

Through this website, Arkansans may now avoid the Revenue Office altogether following the purchase of a passenger car or truck. More than 643,000 vehicles were registered at Revenue Offices throughout the state in 2017. “We are proud to be among the first states to offer online vehicle registration,” said Governor Hutchinson. “Through this new service, Arkansans purchasing a new or used vehicle may conduct all follow-up business from the comfort of their own home. Continue Reading →

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Governor Hutchinson Announces that CMS Approves Work Requirement for Arkansas Works Enrollees

Change designed to help struggling Arkansans gain new skills, jobs so they can move up economic ladder

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Asa Hutchinson announced Monday that the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved the State’s request to implement a work requirement for Arkansas Works enrollees. With this approval, Arkansas becomes one of only three states that currently mandates work for people who want to keep health benefits funded by Medicaid expansion dollars. Governor Hutchinson said the change promotes personal responsibility and will help low-income Arkansans move up the economic ladder. “I have often said that Arkansans understand the dignity of work,” Governor Hutchinson said. “The approval of this work requirement will go a long way to create opportunities for able-bodied working-age Arkansans to enter into training or employment and ultimately climb the economic ladder. Continue Reading →

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Governor Asa Hutchinson Visits Texarkana

Texarkana, AR – Winter may have shut down schools and businesses in the Miller County area, but it was not going to stop Governor Hutchinson’s scheduled trip to Texarkana.  Governor Asa Hutchinson was the honored guest at Curt and Diane Green’s home this evening as temperatures outside started to drop.  Between one hundred and fifty and two hundred people people visited with the Governor at any given time during the planned event.  Representatives from the state, county and city were present to receive Asa along with several government officials and friends from Texas. Curt Green welcomed the crowd before turning over the introductions to State Representative Carol Dalby. Continue Reading →

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Governor Hutchinson Issues Statement on Historic Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

LITTLE ROCK – In March of 2017, Governor Asa Hutchinson signed into law Senate Bill 519, which eliminated the dual holiday status and concurrent commemoration of General Robert E. Lee and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today marks the first Dr. King holiday since that historic separation. 
Governor Hutchinson issued the statement below in honor of Dr. King and this historic day in our state.  
“I’m proud to be able to say that today, for the first time, Arkansas is celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his own day. Join me as we reflect on the courage of a man who marched for equality; the vision of a man who, in the face of hate and hostility, saw what could be; and the legacy of a man who brought a nation together.”
Senate Bill 519 received wide, bipartisan support in both chambers of the legislature. Continue Reading →

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Governor Asa Hutchinson Announces Campaign Team

Little Rock, AR – Governor Asa Hutchinson today announced his initial campaign team structure. Governor Asa Hutchinson issued the following statement:
“I’m delighted today to announce my campaign team for my reelection campaign. Robert Moery has been with me since the 2014 campaign and I am delighted that he will assume this new leadership role. Jamie and Seth are highly regarded in grassroots campaigning and I’m thrilled to add both of them to my campaign staff.”
Campaign Manager – Robert Moery
Robert most recently served as Director of Legislative Affairs in the Office of the Governor. During the 2014 campaign, Robert served as Executive Aide to then candidate Asa Hutchinson. Continue Reading →

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Coding Academy Scholarships Expand to Include Adults, Gov. Hutchinson, ARCodeKids Announce

LITTLE ROCK – ARCodeKids is creating a program to include 12 adults who each will receive a $6,000 scholarship to attend the 12-week Arkansas Coding Academy, Governor Asa Hutchinson and ARCodeKids representatives announced at the capitol today.  
These scholarships will provide adult Arkansans who already are in the workforce with new skills in a high-need area. Four of the 12 scholarships have been designated for employees of Arkansas state government—one from each of the state’s four congressional districts. The four state employees selected will receive paid leave from the state during the academy.  
Governor Hutchinson also announced that enrollment in state high school computer science classes has increased by 12 percent over the 2016-2017 school year. Continue Reading →

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Gov. Hutchinson to Speak at TASD Grant Event

Texarkana, AR – Governor Asa Hutchinson will speak at the “Red Wall” on Wednesday October 6 at 9:30 a.m. about Texarkana Arkansas School District’s (TASD) new grant.  TASD has received the Magnet Assistance Program Grant.  The grant will continue to help TASD prepare students for post graduate lives in Texarkana and beyond. The event will be held at Arkansas High School at the Red Wall.  Parking will be reserved for the event next to the high school on Jefferson. Continue Reading →

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