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The Most Important Task of Funeral Week

As a funeral director, I am often asked, “What is the most important task of funeral week?”  The answer may surprise you.  Many think the most important task is to bury or cremate their deceased loved one.  Indeed, this is a critical task:  it is not, however, number one.  The number one task for the survivor during funeral week is survival. Recently, we have seen the ill effects of losing one’s loved one in the case of mother and daughter, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.  The loss of one’s significant loved one is by far, life’s most stressful event.  Everyone knows that stress over time can cause one’s health to falter.  If regular stress is left untreated, disease and eventually death will result. The stress that accompanies the death of a loved one, however,  is so powerful that it does not require time to do its dirty work.  Its ravages can cause immediate death within the circles of love and kinship surrounding the decedent.  When experiencing loss, normal and high-level stress pale in comparison.  Unlike the passing of a loved one, stress at work or home are potentially resolvable through changes in behaviors, situations, or attitudes.  The death of a loved one, no matter what you change, remains the same; he or she is gone, and will not miraculously return. Continue Reading →

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