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Cathy Hardin-Harrison Announces Bid for Miller County Judge

Miller County, AR-Cathy Hardin-Harrison would like to announce her candidacy for Miller County Judge.  Cathy will run for Miller County Judge in the 2018 election primary as a Republican.  She has served Miller County as the Miller County Tax Collector for two terms.

Hardin-Harrison has overseen improvements in the Tax Collector’s office including an increase in collected taxes, and corrected tax issues.  She has overseen some of the largest returns in revenue in the county’s history and improved the accuracy and accessibility of the Tax office through an online site with options to pay taxes online in addition to traditional mail and paying in person. On August 30, Cathy made the formal announcement on her Facebook site ( )  She stated that a lot of consideration and prayer went into the decision and it was not a decision she took lightly.  Hardin-Harrison listened to voters, friends, family and discussed the office with her husband.  Cathy said, “This is the first four-year term for a county judge in the state’s history.”  She feels strongly that this person has to be a strong, open-minded, and forward-thinking leader.  Hardin-Harrison noted that when she came into the Tax Collector’s office there was not a positive atmosphere.  The office had just come through questionable legal issues and people were simply unsure what the future would hold for the Tax Collector’s office.  When she decided to run for that office, she wanted to make a difference, clean up the office and get it back on track for Miller County.  Hardin-Harrison says the office is now on track and moving in the right direction.  She feels it’s time to move that positive momentum over to the office of County Judge. Cathy Hardin-Harrison has lived in Fouke and Texarkana.  She is the wife of Texarkana Police Chief Robert “Bob” Harrison.  She notes that “Bob,” her family, and friends have been supportive of the decision, but that she has been really surprised by the overwhelming support and positive comments she has heard from the public.   “People come up to me and say such kind and wonderful things about my decision.  It’s humbling to know the people of Miller County have such a positive outlook on this campaign and I’m excited to move in this direction,” said Cathy Hardin-Harrison. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Delinquent Business Tax List Hits Social Media

Miller County, AR – Some are calling it “Public Shaming,” but for the Miller County Tax Collector, she is calling it “Public Accountability.”  What is that “Public Accountability”?  It’s a list of  over $200,000 of taxes owed to the county that is hitting social media today.  Several media outlets have already published the list.  Most of the responses from the public have been supportive so far; however, there have been a few that prefer to call it all “Public Shaming” and feel that it should not have been done. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Receives “Turnback” Check From Arkansas

Miller County, AR- When land and/or homes in a county go tax delinquent it cuts into funds needed for the county to operate efficiently.  Money that would normally go for schools, county pay raises, road improvements, sheriff patrols and many other areas needed stops when a land or home owner does not to pay the taxes.  There can be any number of reasons that an owner may not pay, but regardless of the reason, it affects everyone in the county.  When an owner does not pay the taxes, they become delinquent and eventually the County Tax Collector must certify the property and send it to the State Land Commissioner.  Once there additional attempts are made to collect the taxes, fines and other penalties.  If the State Land Commissioner can not collect, the property goes to auction.  The auction recovers the taxes, fines and fees from bidders.  If the property has multiple bidders, an overage is created.  After four years on the books, that overage, called “Turnback” and is sent back to the county. Today State Land Commissioner John Thurston came to Texarkana and presented the check for the Miller County Turnback.   Today’s check brought a Turnback, or overage, of $338,839.  This means that not only did the county receive the delinquent tax funds, but it also received the money from the auction in the form of the Turnback. While the state conducted the sales, the bottom line is Miller County would never have seen this Turnback without the work of Cathy Hardin-Harrison, the County Tax Collector, and her staff at the county.    Cathy’s office maintains the records, reviews the tax rolls, and certifies the delinquent taxes before turning them over to the state.  Without this operation, not only would Miller County be missing delinquent taxes, but the county would never have seen a Turnback check.  Today a few pictures were posted on Facebook about the check and the Turnback, but the citizens of Miller County deserve to know that those funds came to the county only through the hard work of the Tax Collector’s staff and Cathy Hardin-Harrison. Continue Reading →

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