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New Canine from ArkLaTex 100 Club Goes to Work

Bowie County, Texas – On the evening of January 4, 2017 a search was conducted of the parking lot in front of the Bowie County Annex Jail where the correctional officers employed at this facility normally park their vehicles while they are at work. This search was accomplished through the use of the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office newest canine Deputy Lennox who was purchased with funds donated by The Arklatex 100 Club. During this search, Lennox alerted on vehicles belonging to Gresheka Shana Merritt and Shanice Yvonne Poindexter. Gresheka Merritt was found to be visiting an inmate at the jail and Shanice Poindexter was found to be an employee of the jail. Both of these individuals consented to a search of their vehicles. Continue Reading →

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ArkLaTex 100 Club, Helping The Families of Fallen Local Heroes

Texarkana, USA – The ArkLaTex 100 Club has a target mission to benefit dependents of fallen firefighters and police officers of the ArkLaTex area.  Ed and Gail Eichler had started a 501 (c) 3 organization when their son died.  The Clay Eichler Memorial Fund provides specific benefits to the community, but the Eichler’s passion to help did not stop there.  They wanted to do more and out of that desire came the ArkLaTex 100 Club. After doing some research and talking with representatives from the Houston 100 Club, the board of the Clay Eichler Memorial Fund decided to support a new initiative.  Out of that support, the ArLaTex 100 Club was born to help dependents of fallen firefighters and police officers in the Bowie and Miller County areas. Gail Eichler says she visited with several police chiefs and fire departments to discuss the 100 Club.  One of the first people she visited with was Chief Robert Harrison of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department.  Chief Harrison and others were receptive of the idea and the local 100 Club began to move forward.  Gail said, “This was a time when officers were being targeted around the nation.”  It was a time when negative press and shooting seemed to blame officers.  As a result the Eichler’s and the board wanted to do more to show support for local police and firefighters. In a little over a year, the ArkLaTex 100 Club was buying needed equipment for fire departments and police departments.  As word spread to the public about the 100 Club, donations started slowly flowing. Continue Reading →

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