Hyperlocal Marketing* – the Four States News Advantage

Four States News - Community Journalism for the TX·AR·OK·LA RegionIt’s not just about running an ad.

It’s about telling your unique story.

What makes you different?

What makes you stand out?

If you’re successful in business, you probably already know these things.

But… are you telling your unique story to your potential customers?
(Here’s where advertising with Four States News really shines.)

Your ad should stand out, and provoke people to click it – and we have some awesome ad formats to help you stay on top of that.

Now it’s time to take things to the next level. Let’s tell your story.

A couple times a month (or more), right alongside the news, we’re going to showcase you.
Your business. Your employees. Your product or service.
Your results.

Testimonials? Certainly.

Photos? Videos?

Take as much space as you want.
(But don’t be boring – be enticing.)

And, because you’re good at what you do, you’re kind of an expert, right?
Your friends probably ask for your input all the time.

So – let’s share that expertise. As often as you want, write an article about what you know.
Your name and your business name will be on everything you write, as well as all your contact info.
And our readers will remember you the next time they need what you provide.

And… Google will remember, too. When people in the Texarkana area do a search for your product or service, Google will show them your articles. (The more often you write, the more likely Google will show your content.)
That’s how search engines work, nowadays. It’s pretty cool, and you should be taking advantage of it.

*That’s hyperlocal marketing – getting people in your area to think you’re awesome and want to do business with you… because you’re solving problemsgiving great advice, and making their lives better before they even meet you.

By the way – all your articles are great for sharing and promoting on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Got an especially popular article? Re-share it as often as you want.

Not sure you (or your employees) can write? You’re probably better than you think, but we can introduce you to freelance writers who charge modest fees.
(And explaining your business story to someone else is a great way to renew focus on what you do best.)

Do you work in a small town? Chances are, it’s overlooked by normal media (unless there’s bad news).
Tell a couple of uplifting stories each week about local people and events, and you’ll quickly become the voice of your community.

Got it? At least twice a month – all about you.

Anytime you want – share your expertise, or write a general-interest article.
At the end of every article there’s a highlighted box with all your contact info, and links back to your website.

And if you haven’t seen our new ad formats – they’re pretty awesome. Experiments show that people are up to ten times as likely to click on the enhanced ads. See for yourself!

If you’re ready…
Let’s get started!

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Press Releases:
If you have information that’s relevant to the Four States Area, we will publish it for you, free of charge.

Yes – “We’re proud to announce that we now carry brand XYZ!”
No – “We just got in a shipment of XYZ!” This would be a sponsored story (see above).

Send your press release to press@fourstatesnews.us. There is no limit to size, and we can embed pictures, and videos from YouTube, Vimeo and others.

Note: The essential information needs to be text, not a graphic or PDF. Many of our visitors use mobile devices, and you want your content to be easy to read.