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Texarkana Police Start “See Something, Say Something” Campaign

Due to the horrific events that have occurred recently involving school shootings the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department, in conjunction with the Texarkana Arkansas School District, is launching “See Something, Say Something” campaign to heighten awareness of potential threats against our children and in our schools. Its simple, if you see or hear something that alludes to a possibly dangerous or harmful circumstance, call and report it.  With the community working together both inside and outside of our school walls we can assure our children’s’ safety. To report suspicious activity, contact your TAPD at 903-798-3130. Describe specifically what you observed, including:

Who or what you saw;
When you saw it;
What you heard;
Where it occurred; and
Why it’s suspicious. If there is an emergency call 9–1–1. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Democratic Party Announces Filing Fees for 2018

Miller County, AR – The Miller County Democratic Party has announced 2018, filing fees for county offices.   The party maintains a Facebook page at Democratic Party of Miller County-Arkansas.  The Party also maintains a blog at Miller County Democratic Party.   Forms and filing options will be available for all interested candidates at the Miller County Courthouse during the filing period.  2018, filing period will be February 22, at noon until March 1, at noon. Filing fees will be as follows:

County Judge and Sheriff     $400

County Clerk, Treasurer, Tax Collector, Tax Assessor, and Circuit Clerk  $300

Coroner  $200

JP   $150

Constable $50

Committee Member $15

For more information, you may contact the party through their Facebook page. Continue Reading →

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Correctional Officer Accused of taking $3,000

Bowie County, TX – On 2-13-2018, the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a jailer for the Bi State Jail may have taken money from a prisoner’s personal property. The individual reported that she had been arrested by the Texarkana Texas Police Department (TTPD) on February 11, 2018 and booked into the Bi-State Jail. She advised that she had approximately $3,000.00 in US Currency inside of her purse when she was booked in. Upon her release, she discovered that only $100.00 remained in her purse and reported the incident to jail management. She advised that Correctional Officer Ikkima Shavers had processed her belongings and taken possession of her purse. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Republican Committee Filing Dates and Fees

Miller County, AR,-  The filing period for the 2018 election cycle will be February 22, 2018, at noon until March 1, 2018, at noon.  Filing forms will be available at the Miller County Courthouse or may be obtained by contacting the Miller County Republican Committee Secretary at 832-652-8012.  2018, filing fees are listed below:

County Judge: $500, Sheriff: $500, Tax Collector $500, Tax Assessor $500, County Clerk $500, Circuit Clerk $500, Treasurer $500, Coroner $250, Justices of the Peace (JP) $250, Constable $50, Committee Member $30
Additional information about the Miller County Republican Committee may be found at Facebook and online at the Website. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana College Helps Meet Student Needs Through TC Care Closet

February 7, 2018- Texarkana, Texas- Texarkana College has expanded its food bank to become the TC Care Closet Initiative allowing the college to meet student needs in new ways. For students in need, the Care Closet offers toiletry and essential items as well as childcare items such as diapers, formula and baby food. TC employees Katie Jewell, Coordinator of Testing and Student Support Services Advising, and Phillip Parrish, Success Coach Coordinator, opened the TC Food Bank in June of 2016. “You have to meet people where they are,” said Jewell. “It’s hard for students to learn in class when they are worried about where their next meal will come from or if they will have diapers for their baby. Continue Reading →

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Local Ministry Releases New Book

Texarkana, USA – A local ministry has released a new book that is being promoted as a “guide to living a life of breakthrough and miracles.”  Joe Joe Dawson is the author of the book and the founder of Roar Church in Texarkana. The book is titled “Kingdom Mindset” and is now available online.  The focus of the book is to offer readers an avenue to reform life and lead a “lifestyle of breakthrough and miracles.”  Joe Joe feels that the future is going to hold changes and decision-making times for the children of God, and he hopes to help prepare believers for what may be difficult times. Joe Joe Dawson Ministries may be found online at and the book, “Kingdom Mindset” may be ordered online at Barnes and Noble.  Joe Joe Dawson Ministries may also be contacted at P.O. Box 6081, Texarkana, TX 75501.  



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Local Hospice Joins Effort to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Tyler, TX- A local hospice is joining a substance abuse prevention coalition to prevent their patient’s prescriptions from falling into the wrong hands. Cypress Basin Hospice is distributing prescription drug disposal bags to families who need a way to dispose of their loved one’s prescription drugs after they pass away. The bags are provided by the Northeast Texas Coalition Against Substance Abuse. “We think this is a great way for us to work together on this important issue,” said Sheri Cobb, Director of Provider Relations with Cypress Basin Hospice. “This means that our families will have one less thing to worry about.”

The bags are charcoal-based and landfill-safe. Continue Reading →

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Bridging The Gaps and Tri-State Technology Partners for Youth Computer Class

Texarkana, AR – Bridging The Gaps of Arkansas has formed a partnership with Tri-State Technology to offer a 12-week Technology Skill Development and Training Program for local youth.  The class will start on February 8, at 4:30 p.m. at the Sandflat Glendale Shannon Neighborhood Center.  The Center is located at 209 E. 14th Street in Texarkana, Arkansas. Classes will meet weekly at the Center on Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  The training is open to the public and youth.  High School Students are especially encouraged to join.   Participants in the program will learn computer coding in several languages, computer service, communication, team building, business development and entrepreneurship skills according to Barbara Pitts Riley, the Managing Partner for Bridging The Gaps of Arkansas.  Barbra stated, “This is a great example of how private companies can partner with local nonprofit organizations to help develop the future workforce.  Our commitment is to bring the necessary information and skills training to the community and eliminate all excuses.” Where:  Sandflat Glendale Shannon Neighborhood Center 209 E. 14th Street, Texarkana, AR. What: Youth Technology Skill Development and Training Program

When: February 8, at 5:00 p.m and each Thursday 5:00-7:00 p.m. for 12 weeks



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Equality Texarkana Starts Fundraiser

Texarkana, USA – a group known as Equality Texarkana is currently running a fundraiser on Facebook to raise funds for a Pride Parade and Picnic.   The organization is a 501 (c) (3) organization and as such donations are tax deductible. The organization’s website ( promotes Equality Texarkana as “the preeminent non-profit organization in the greater Texarkana area dedicated to equality.”    While the group exists to advocate and defend LGBTQ rights in the area, they also promote standing up for anyone affected by inequality in society.  Membership is open to anyone wishing to help promote equality.  Members come from not only the LGBTQ people in society but others affected or wishing to make a stand against inequality have joined.   Parents, friends, and others are encouraged to get involved. Equality Texarkana has grown and is currently offering scholarships, counseling, and the opportunity for people to join and be involved in a non-judgemental setting.  There is also monthly social dinners, book clubs, and other events.   A recent Halloween Party was a huge success in October! Donations of any amount are being accepted on the Facebook page at and contributions will be used for the planned Pride Parade and Picnic in Texarkana.  

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Vehicle Thefts Increase in Texarkana

Texarkana, AR – The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has received a sharp increase in auto thefts in recent weeks. Since December 16, 2016, a total of seven (7) vehicles were reported stolen in the city limits of Texarkana. The vast majority of these vehicles were either left running unattended or were unlocked with the keys in the vehicle.  

Of the seven (7) vehicles stolen in that time period, six (6) vehicles have been recovered. Additionally, the Texarkana Police Department has recovered three (3) stolen vehicles from outside jurisdictions in that time frame. Continue Reading →

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