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Republicans to Live-Stream State Party Chair’s Visit

Arkansas Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb

Miller County, AR: The Miller County Republican Committee (MCRC) will hold their monthly meeting Tuesday, June 11, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at Big Jakes on Arkansas Blvd. The special guest for the meeting will be Arkansas State Party Chair Doyle Webb. Doyle has served as party chair for nine years and is the longest serving State Republican Party Chair in the United States. Doyle also serves as General Counsel to the Republican National Committee. The MCRC will live-stream Doyle Webb’s presentation on the committee’s Facebook page. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Rep. Updates 5-31-19

Whether it is rebuilding a family home or planning for the loss of crops, our state will be recovering from these historic floods for months to come. FEMA just recently announced that federal emergency aid has been made available to Arkansas to supplement state and local response efforts. While our emergency management teams across the state address the immediate needs, we want to direct your attention to several services and advisories being issued by our state agencies. Roads

The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) has opened a Traveler Information Call Center to assist drivers in navigating around flooded highways.  The call center is available by voice or text at (501)-569-2374 daily between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. You can also download the IDrive Arkansas app for up to date information on road closures. Health

The Arkansas Department of Health announced that the ADH Laboratory is waiving well water testing fees for private well owners impacted by the flood.  The department reminds Arkansans that you should not drink from the well until it has been disinfected and tested. You can contact your local health unit for information about testing. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House Update 5-24-19

It is estimated that less than 15 percent of children who qualify for free or reduced-priced school lunches in Arkansas are getting the same high-quality meals in the summer. Children shouldn’t go hungry just because school is out. 

That is why the Department of Human Services and the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance partner with schools, churches and community centers across the state to provide meals in the Summer Food Service Program. The program is 100 percent federally funded and covers the cost of up to three nutritious meals and snacks a day for children. Last summer, Arkansas children enjoyed free meals at more than 500 feeding sites across the state. More than 1 million meals and snacks were served. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House Updates April 19, 2019

When we pass legislation to grow our economy, it does not stop at tax incentives and workforce training. In Arkansas, we know our economy can also grow by bringing in people from out of state to appreciate our natural resources, our talents, and our history. The hospitality industry is the second largest industry in the state. It is a $5.6 billion industry and employees over 100,000 people. From encouraging investment in our historic buildings to designating a scenic highway, we passed several pieces of legislation aimed at promoting tourism in the 2019 Regular Session. 

Act 292 designates certain routes in Central and Southwest Arkansas as the “Camden Expedition Scenic Highway”. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House Update April 12, 2019

More than 900 bills have been signed into law this session. This General Assembly has reduced taxes, addressed infrastructure needs, increased funding to education, and transformed state government. One of the last bills we passed was the amendment to the Revenue Stabilization Act. This outlines the $5.7 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2020. It includes a 2.2% increase in spending from the current fiscal year. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House Updates For Week 4-1-19

The state budget is guided by the Revenue Stabilization Act (RSA) which is typically one of the last items passed every session. 

Members will be reviewing RSA in the Joint Budget Committee Monday morning.  We have posted details of the proposed budget on our website. We expect to vote on the budget next week and conclude our business for this session. This week, the House passed two proposed constitutional amendments for the November 2020 ballot. SJR15 addresses term limits for legislators.  This amendment would limit state legislators elected after January 1, 2021 to 12 years of consecutive service. Those legislators would not be eligible for subsequent service in the General Assembly until four years after the expiration of the last term in office. 

Current legislators could serve under the existing term limit of 16 years.  Those members would be subject to a 4 year waiting period for before running for a subsequent term in the General Assembly. 

The House also passed HJR1008. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Expand State Veterans Cemetery


Washington, DC – April 2, 2019….U.S. Senators John Boozman and Tom Cotton along with Congressmen Rick Crawford, French Hill, Steve Womack and Bruce Westerman introduced legislation to transfer nearly 140 acres of land at Camp Robinson to the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs (ADVA). The land conveyance will facilitate expansion of the Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery in North Little Rock. “This is a commonsense solution that helps the Army Guard and the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs. The land is costly to maintain and not useful to the guard for training. It will provide a valuable expansion of burial space for veterans – an important step to securing a place of honor for future generations of veterans. Continue Reading →

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Rep. Ratcliffe moves to bypass Democrats and force vote on pro-life bill

Rep. Ratcliffe

Democratic majority refuses to stand against infanticide

WASHINGTON – Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) moved to force a vote on major pro-life legislation today by signing a discharge petition (H.Res. 102) that was filed in the U.S. House of Representatives. House Democrats tanked this effort and refused to vote on legislation that sought to ban infanticide. “We’ve seen the Democrats’ radical political agenda jeopardize our national security, drive up health care prices and sabotage our economy – but outright refusing to close the legal loopholes that are allowing infanticide is most definitely a new low for my colleagues on the other side of the aisle,” Ratcliffe said. “I’m deeply saddened that the partisan games have gotten so out of hand that my Democratic counterparts won’t stand up against such a horrific practice. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House Week Update

Legislation passing the House this week addressed everything from robocalls to property taxes. While illegal robocalls are frustrating for most, they are also costly and dangerous for far too many Arkansans. An alarming number of illegal robocalls originate from scammers using automatic telephone dialing systems to send out thousands of phone calls per minute with fictitious or misleading names or telephone numbers displaying on unsuspecting consumers’ telephone caller identification. SB514 addresses this in a few ways.  It makes “spoofing”, or displaying fictitious names or numbers, a crime.  It makes robocalling a Class D felony and holds telecommunication providers accountable with the Public Service Commission. The House also passed legislation this week ensuring that firefighters who have completed 5 or more years of employment are granted at least 1,456 hours of paid leave for treatment of any cancer caused by his or her job. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House Final Weeks 2019

The House is now in the final weeks of the 2019 Regular Session. In recent days, the House has passed legislation increasing education funding, legislation increasing sales tax exemptions on used cars, and legislation creating a first of its kind response team to child abductions. 

With a vote of 91-0, the House passed HB1685. This bill increases the foundation funding for K-12 education from the current $6,713 per student to $6,899 per student for the 2019-2020 school year.  The bill increases funding to $7,018 per student the following school year. The House passed HB1342. This bill increases the amount below which sales tax is exempt on the purchase of used vehicles from $4,000 to $7,500. 

In a vote of 87-0, the House passed HB1674. Continue Reading →

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