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Democratic Committee of Miller County to Host Fish Fry

Miller County, AR – The Democratic Committee of Miller County will host a fish fry fundraiser Saturday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.    The event will be held September 15, at the Cooper Tire Union Hall on 3500 Washington Street in Texarkana, Arkansas. Several candidates are expected to be present during the event and to speak with guest.  Hayden Shamel who is running for the Fourth District Congressional seat, Susan Inman who is running for Arkansas Secretary of State, Jared Henderson who is running for Arkansas Governor, Mike Lee who is running for Attorney General, and  Anthony Bland who is running for Lt. Governor are all expected to be in attendance for the fish fry. The campaign fundraiser is opened to the public for a donation of $10 and all proceeds will be distributed to party candidates.  Additional information may be obtained by calling (903) 691-8508 or going to the Facebook Page.   Continue Reading →

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Rep. Ratcliffe commends students on completion of congressional internship in Texarkana office

WASHINGTON – Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) congratulated Harrison Benefield, William Humphrey, and Mayten Lumpkin today for their successful completion of a congressional internship in his Texarkana district office this summer. “I’d like to thank Harrison, William and Mayten for their hard work in my Texarkana district office this summer. Serving 700,000 people across 18 counties in Northeast Texas wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the selfless contributions from young folks like them who have such an inspiring heart for civil service,” Ratcliffe said.  
Harrison Benefield

Benefield graduated from Pleasant Grove High School in 2016. He is a senior at University of Arkansas, pursuing a degree in communication studies. Continue Reading →

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Reps. Ratcliffe and Westerman advocate for Red River Army Depot

WASHINGTON – Reps. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) and Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) advocated this week for the Red River Army Depot’s (RRAD) ongoing importance in support of our nation’s warfighters. The lawmakers pushed General Gustave F. Perna, Army Materiel Command (AMC), to provide an update on whether RRAD will be chosen to service the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) as the Depot Source of Repair (DSOR). In a letter to General Perna, they said they supported RRAD’s selection for the DSOR because it offers the technical expertise, dedicated personnel, industry relationships, and facility readiness required to successfully service the AMPV. “For more than 75 years, the dedicated men and women at the Depot have remained committed to providing the very best military equipment to our nation’s warfighters. Continue Reading →

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Governor Asa Hutchinson Accepts Republican Nomination for Governor

Governor Asa Hutchinson Officially Becomes the Republican Nominee for Governor in 2018

Little Rock, AR-  At the Republican Party of Arkansas’s 2018 state convention last weekend, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson accepted the nomination for Governor on the Republican ticket. Governor Hutchinson issued the following statement:

“Today, I accepted the Republican nomination for Governor of Arkansas.  This is a high honor as I make my case to the voters to earn a second term. I am committed to the values of smaller and more efficient government, lower taxes, and greater opportunity for all Arkansans. The Republican Party understands that our record of over 150 million dollars in income tax cuts, over 70,000 jobs created, and leading the nation in computer science education all have put Arkansas on a dynamic trajectory. In a second term, I have already proposed further lowering the income tax rate, transforming state government and raising starting teacher pay to one of the highest in the region. Continue Reading →

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Rep. Ratcliffe hires Wounded Warrior Fellow to district staff

Army veteran, Charles Jordan, will continue service in Texarkana office

TEXARKANA, Texas – Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) announced today the hire of Wounded Warrior Fellow, Charles Jordan. After two years of service in Ratcliffe’s Texarkana office through the Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program, Jordan will join the staff as a full-time constituent services representative, handling the majority of casework for the region.  

“I am humbled and encouraged by the faith and trust that Congressman Ratcliffe has shown. It is a privilege to continue the work of making our area and our nation a better place. Congressman Ratcliffe has been a great guide and mentor for public service, and I hope to maintain the standard,” Jordan said. Continue Reading →

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Lara Trump Announced as Special Guest for Biggest Annual Republican Event

Little Rock, AR- RPA Executive Director Sarah Jo Reynolds announced yesterday that Lara Trump, Daughter-in-Law to President Donald Trump, will be joining the 2018 Reagan Rockefeller Dinner as a special guest. The event will be held on June 22 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Little Rock. The dinner will begin at 7:00pm. There are multiple admissions options starting at $150.00. To secure a seat, visit ArkansasGOP.org or call (501) 732-7301. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Republican Committee May Meeting

Miller County, AR – The Miller County Republican Committee will hold a monthly meeting this evening, Tuesday May  8, at 6:30 p.m.   The meeting will be held at the New Haven Golf Club on 2321 Line Ferry Road, Texarkana. The Miller County Republican Committee maintains a Facebook page and during presidential election seasons rents a headquarters in the Texarkana area.  The committee has a goal of assisting Republican candidates to obtain office.  All current Republican officer holders are encouraged to attend meetings and provide updates regarding their offices. The committee also maintains a website at Texarkana-MillerCountyGOP.com 

The following list is current State and local Republicans holding office and representing the Miller County area:

Senator Jimmy Hickey

Representative Carol Dalby

Representative Lane Jean

Judge Roy John McNatt

Sheriff Jackie Runion

County Clerk Stephanie Harvin

Treasurer Teresa Reed

Tax Collector Cathy Hardin-Harrison

Circuit Clerk Mary Pankey

Coroner Josh Hawkins

JP 4 Carl Standridge

JP 5 Lois Toombs

JP 6 Ernest Pender

JP 7 Jimmy Hickey, Sr.

JP 8 Andy LaGrone

JP 9 John Haltom

JP 10 Jimmy Cowart

JP 11 Rodney Watkins

Constables Chuck Wise, Art Parish, Robert Tibbit, Bill Fuller, Tom Harness, Larry Burgess, and Hollis Rhoden Continue Reading →

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Republican “Meet and Greet” a Success

Miller County, AR –  The Miller County Republican Committee hosted a “Meet and Greet” for County Republican Candidates last night at the AG Learning Center at the Four States Fairgrounds.   Republican candidates with opposition in the primary were encouraged to speak for a few minutes about their campaign and candidates without an opponent in the primary were allowed to speak a shorter period of time.   Present, but not speaking, were also representatives from Asa Hutchinson’s office, and Bruce Westerman’s office. Miller County Republican Committee Chair Wayne Smith welcomed all candidates and guest to the meeting before randomly drawing names for candidate speaking order.  A little over one hundred people attended the event which was open to the public and had been advertised in the local paper and on social media.  Diana Lowe and Judy Hardin were credited by Wayne Smith for having organized and planned the event.  Flyers for the event were made by Ronnie Dancer, Sr. of The “Whose Who” of Our Miller County, a Facebook group exploring and sharing information about candidates representing or potentially representing Miller County, Arkansas. Wayne Smith considered the event a huge success with almost all candidates showing up.  Sandwich trays, fruit trays, drinks, and popcorn were provided for the event.   Several candidates reported handing out push card and providing yard signs to supporters. The Miller County Republican Committee is a county-level committee working to help Republican candidates get elected to office.  Committee membership is open to all registered voters and the organization is represented on a state and national level as well. Miller County Republican Committee on Facebook

Miller County Republican Committee on the Internet

Arkansas Republican Committee on the Internet

  Continue Reading →

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Miller County Elections Commission Completes L&A Voter Machine Testing

Miller County, AR – The voting machines of Miller County, Arkansas were tested this morning at a public L&A testing at 10 a.m.  Linda Crawford, the Miller County Elections Coordinator, explained that L&A testing stands for “Logistics and Accuracy” testing.  The test is required to be performed in a public setting with advance notice.  The notice was provided by advertisement in the Texarkana Gazette.  Testing ensures the accuracy of ballots and voting. Several candidates for office were present.  Some of them participated in the testing after receiving instructions from election officials.  Testing required each participant to vote a ballot as if he or she was voting on election day.   In addition to candidates, members of the public, the coordinator, and two commissioners, Tri-State Computer technicians were also on-site to ensure the test was completed.  Tri-State provides technical assistance for the county during elections. Early vote starts May 7 with the primary being held on May 22.  Starting May 7, voters may vote at the courthouse during the week.  Genoa Baptist Church will be open for early vote on May 11 and 12.  On May 22, all voting sites within Miller County will be open for the Democrat and Republican primary.  Miller County is also a “Vote Center” which means voters are not required to vote at one location.  In a “Vote Center” system, a voter may vote at any open polling place.   Continue Reading →

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How liberty dies…

In the Star Wars movie “Attack of the Clones” there is a scene that mirrors Americans’ frustration with our system of government. In that scene, Anakin Skywalker (the future Darth Vader) and Padme Amidala discuss the gridlock of the democratic government that means very little gets done. Anakin expresses his opinion on how government needs to be run: “We need a system where the politicians sit down and discuss the problem, agree what’s in the best interests of all the people, and then do it.”

“That is exactly what we do. The trouble is that people don’t always agree. In fact, they hardly ever do,” Padme, a senator in the Imperial Senate, responds. Continue Reading →

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