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Robbins Toyota A+ Customer-Based Service

Texarkana, USA- Nobody likes to have car repairs, but when the time comes most of us search out a trusted mechanic if the car is out of warranty and avoid a dealership at all cost.  That was exactly my mindset when our Toyota had a steering issue this week.  As we tried to decide who would service the vehicle best, I completed an Internet search and found that there had been several reported issues like ours.  I decided to look up the national Toyota hotline number and see if there was any known defects or recalls dealing with the steering issues. I reached Toyota and a very helpful young lady was delighted to let me know that there was a recall for my car and the problem I was facing. Continue Reading →

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AT&T Expands Access to Unlimited Data

DALLAS, Feb. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Starting tomorrow, AT&T1 will launch a new AT&T Unlimited plan. The plan will be available to all consumer and business postpaid AT&T wireless customers. Whether you love to stream your favorite shows, play games, video chat or simply surf the web, the AT&T Unlimited Plan provides access to what matters most to you. “We’re offering unlimited entertainment on the nation’s best data network where and when you want to enjoy more of what you love,” said David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer of the AT&T Entertainment Group. Continue Reading →

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2017 Texarkana, Texas Farmer’s Market Vendor Meeting

TEXARKANA, TX- The Texarkana, Texas Farmers’ Market will host its annual vendor meeting and seed swap, March 1st from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.  in the Texarkana, Texas City Hall, 2nd Floor Council Chambers.  Local farmers, gardeners, food producers, artisan crafters and anyone interested in participating in the 2017 Farmers’ Market season are all invited to attend the meeting and seed swap. The farmer’s market team will be on hand to discuss the upcoming farmers’ market season and answer any vendor related questions. Farmers are encouraged to bring seeds for swapping.  The Texarkana, Texas Farmers’ Market is an open-air market in historic downtown Texarkana that provides a venue for local vendors to sell products while promoting healthy, locally grown food. 
 For more information about the meeting, contact Holden Fleming at or (903) 798-3901. Continue Reading →

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Death,-Frequent Visitor

Death.  It’S A Word That Many People Fear, Some Wish For, And Other Simply Accept As The Final Stage Of This Life While Opening The Mysteries Of What Comes Next.  No matter how you view death, the one thing that is certain is that it will eventually visit you. It seems as I get older I am reminded of all those “Old” people I used to hear saying things like, “Well, there are fewer of us than there used to be.”  From the late 1980’s and even through today we hear it a lot about the “Greatest Generation”.  The word is death is visiting more and more of them.  I saw it in my grandparents, and I’ve seen it in my friend’s grandparents pass from that generation, but now the time has come where I’m seeing it more from people I know outside of family.  As I said, I’m at that age where there are simply “fewer” of us than there used to be.  The other day I picked up a book that many of my friends had signed back in 1997.  As I read through the list, I realized over ninety percent of the signers were now dead.  I am certainly seeing death as a frequent visitor in my small realm of friends. I guess it’s normal even natural, for people to start thinking about death when they reach this age.  I had a harsh reminder recently when a dear friend of mine died.  This marks the first year that I have not received multiple telephone calls from him during the annual tax season.  My friend did income taxes for people and he always had computer questions, or wanted to be sure that I understood how to do taxes.  His calls might be to ensure I got “us” the latest software, or to inform me that his computer would not print.  I’d go off to his home, fix the issue and we’d spend a lot of time talking about the new tax laws.  My friend died in December.  The last time I talked with him was August.  Now as I move into the second month of the tax season, I’m finding that the lack of telephone calls from him is depressing.  It’s a reminder that he is not here anymore and that he won’t be calling.  It’s also a reminder that all our days are numbered just like those tax forms were. So as I contemplate death, I have a firm Christian foundation in where I will go and spend eternity, but that doesn’t stop me from wondering.  I find myself adding up the ages of my kids and thinking things like “Well, they will be one hundred in this year or that year”.  I realize that as they reach those later years in life it will be long after I’m gone.  As I said, I am confident where I will be in that time period, but it doesn’t stop me from wondering what will happen here. Continue Reading →

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The End of High School Reunions

High School Reunion.  The words evoke images of old yearbooks, high school jackets, pictures of bad hair, and visions of “When we were young”.  For most, high school reunions are planned 10, 15, 20 or more years after graduation.  It seems like the biggest reunions are the 10 year and the 20 year.  After those dates, life, death, and other factor such as distance and time seem to dwindle down the number of people interested in attending.  For me my 20th reunion was certainly the biggest.  Classmates from all around the country traveled to be there, take part in the games, picnics, and pictures.  One guy had managed to find an unsigned yearbook in a retail shop, so he had it there being signed by everyone.   There was laughter, slideshows which produced more laughter, spirit ribbons, and pictures – lots of pictures.  The 25th reunion though saw only a handful of people in attendance.  That reunion featured a tour of the high school the day after an evening meal and visitation session.  By the time the next reunion rolled around there was some talk, but ultimately no reunion.  I wondered why, but then realized the end of class reunions had finally come. I firmly blame social media for the end of the class reunion.  Our class has a class page where everyone, even people not on your friend list, can post memories, pictures, updates and other information.  In social media settings like Facebook, most people have their friends tagged, they follow the post and updates daily.  In many cases, at least for me, I have found I now know more about my former classmates than I did when we were in high school!  I know what their kids are doing, I know what they are doing, I know what teams they cheer for, I know who they like and who they don’t (fortunately I’m liked for the most part) and often I even know what they had for dinner last night.  I know when they are sad, happy, and even when they experience loss and grief.  Those same friends are exposed to my jokes, post about my kids, and sometimes, though rarely, a picture of what I had for dinner too!  The bottom line is we are all connected. Since reunions are about re-connecting it is problematic that we continue to be connected.  You are supposed to reconnect with your old friends and find out what they have been up to since you last saw them at each reunion.  Reunions are where you have traditionally learned of deaths, marriages, births, and all the many changes that life brings to each one of us daily.  But now, with social media, and especially sites like Facebook, we rarely have a need to “reconnect” because simply put, we are never disconnected.  For some of us, seeing those familiar faces makes us thrilled almost as much as a reunion could.  I still see friends, even sometimes on other friend’s timelines, from high school and the memories come flooding back.  Ironically, many of the connections I have today were only acquaintances in high school.  We would pass in the hall, share a class together, and maybe see each other in the lunch room or at a dance or game.  Most of the time we simply ran with different groups of friends.  Now some of those same people who were acquaintances in high school, have become some of the people I talk to the most on Facebook.  It’s like a great big reunion where we all realize how dumb we were as kinds or how silly some fight was back then.  We’ve grown up.  We’ve grown mature.  With that growing up and growing mature our likes and dislikes have changed.  Some of the people I talked to the most in high school, I never talk too much now.  Some of the people I rarely talked with in high school, now occupy my mind when I scan the Facebook post to see if they have said anything today.  I joke with them, I laugh with them, and we talk a lot about “back then”. Usually we end up talking about things going on these days.  I’m thankful for my friends during high school and those after high school.  Facebook has allowed me to be blessed with some wonderful midnight conversations and some wonderful Saturday afternoon chats.  In the big picture, I don’t need reunions anymore.  My friends have never left thanks to social media.  Whether we are a few hours apart, or around the world from each other, we can have a reunion all the time with social media, and I would not trade those reunions for any planned formal reunion in the world.   Continue Reading →

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WordFire Press Publishes Lou Antonelli’s Alternate History Novel

Clarksville, TX- WordFire Press is pleased to announce the release of Lou Antonell’s debut novel, “Another Girl, Another Planet”. WordFire Press Publisher Kevin J. Anderson said “We were captivated by the premise of Lou’s first novel, and we’re very proud to be his publisher. I think people will find the book fascinating.”

WordFire Press Acquisitions Editor Dave Butler said “We’re excited about this book, which lets a well-known short story writer show his strengths at novel length. He describes “Another Girl, Another Planet” as a “Heinleinian Cold War Punk story of politics, espionage, and murder on the Red Planet.”

Renowned author and Science Fiction Writers of American (SFWA) Grandmaster Larry Niven endorsed “Another Girl, Another Planet”, saying “I loved it. Brilliant idea well-told.”

An accomplished short story author with 104 publications and three collections, Antonelli was a finalist for the Sidewise Award in alternate history in 2013. Continue Reading →

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