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March Cooperative Extension workshops to focus on beef, forage

Cattle and forage producers can sharpen their management skills at two upcoming workshops from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service. While Arkansas ranks 11th nationally in beef production, the state’s producers have had their share of difficulties in the last few years. In 2012-13, drought made a $128 million impact. In 2015 and last year, many producers battled severe flooding. The ability to make solid management decisions amid uncertainty is critical. Continue Reading →

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Slim Chickens Fundraiser for Runnin’ WJ Ranch

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Texarkana, TX: On February 20, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Slim Chickens on Stateline in Texarkana will host a fundraiser for the Runnin’ WJ Ranch. Slim Chickens will donate 15% of sales to the non-profit when customers mention “Runnin’ WJ Ranch”. The Runnin’ WJ Ranch is a Christian based 503 c 3 which offers therapeutic riding classes. The organization started in 2001 and has seen over 400 volunteers during its operation. The ranch is a PATh (Internations Premier Accredited Center) and operates under the direction of Director Sam Clem. Continue Reading →

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2020 Arbor Day Tree Giveaway

TEXARKANA, TX- Several local organizations have partnered with the Texas A&M Forest Service to giveaway trees during Texarkana’s 6th annual Arbor Day on Saturday, March 7th, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. until all trees are given away. The event will be at Spring Lake Park across from the Rotary Splash Pad. Members of the City of Texarkana, Texas Planning and Community Development Department, Public Works Department, Bowie County Master Gardeners and the Texas A&M Forest Service will be on-hand to help give away more than 1100 bare root seedlings and small potted trees donated by Voss Land & Timber. The public is invited to participate in the tree giveaway by selecting free trees to take home and plant on a first-come first-serve basis. The tree species have been carefully researched by a certified arborist and varieties were selected that are adaptable to Texarkana’s climate. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana USA Townhall and Candidate’s Forum Meeting for Texarkana, Texas, and Arkansas

School Election

Texarkana, USA: The Twin Cities Ministerial Alliance will host a Townhall Meeting and Candidate’s Forum on Monday, February 10, 2020, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at St. Paul Baptist Church on 2921 Norris Cooley Drive, Texarkana, Texas. Bishop T. L. Taylor, President of the Twin Cities Ministerial Alliance stated, “The Twin Cities Ministerial Alliance is a non-partisan organization committed to providing a voice for those who we represent. TCMA is committed to engaging our congregations in the political process. We can no longer remain on the sidelines without our voices being heard.” Continue Reading →

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ArkLaTex 100 Club’s Pull for Heroes Sporting Clay Tournament to be Held March 7

The ArkLaTex 100 Club’s third annual Pull for Heroes
Sporting Clay Tournament will be held Mar 7, 2020 at Rocky Creek Outdoor in
Texarkana, Ark. Registration is open for teams and individuals who wish to
participate in the shoot. The 100 Club is also seeking sponsors for the event. “Last year we had 70 shooters participate, and we’re
expecting an even better turnout this year,” said Club Founder Gail Eichler. The entry fee is $100 per shooter. Continue Reading →

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It’s Almost Time for Santa Again!

Kids, can you believe it is that time of year again? It is once again time for our friend Santa Clause to leave out of his home at the North Pole and fly around the world. He will be delivering toys and other good things all over the world soon. This year you can follow Santa’s route, play fun games online, and make sure that you are sleeping by the time Santa comes into your town. At the Four States News, we have been told by Santa’s top elves that he is looking forward to visiting the four states area this year for Christmas! Continue Reading →

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Oscar and Katherine Harris Dedication Plaque Placed at Welcome Sign

New plaque at I-30 Welcome Sign

In July of 2015, the city of Texarkana Arkansas completed a dedication ceremony for a large welcome sign near I-30 as visitors and travelers cross into the city.  The dedication was completed by the City Beautiful Commission under the supervision of chair Mary Warner with funds from the A&P Commission of Texarkana, Arkansas.  Most travelers and citizens saw the sign, appreciated it and moved on with little knowledge of the work of love and dedication that had gone into the project. 

As the Interstate continued to expand and grow in the area, it was agreed that both Texarkana Arkansas and Texas needed signs to welcome people to the area.  With discussion between the two city groups, an informal agreement was made to put up signs welcoming visitors to “Texarkana”.  Because of the shared resources, community, shopping, and ties the two cities have, much of the world often sees Texarkana as one city instead of the two.  The groups agreed that the “Texarkana, USA” is often more associated with the area than either city entity.  With an agreement in place, both city groups started searching for locations for potential placements of new signs that would welcome the world to “Texarkana” and the entire community. 

It was at this time that Jerry and Nedra Turney, along with their family, decided they wanted to do more for the sign project.   Jerry and Nedra, whose maiden name was Harris, wanted to find a way to help with the sign and honor Nedra’s parents.  Oscar and Katherine Harris had been citizens and landowners in the area for many years and it just so happened that some of their lands were alongside the Interstate.  Jerry and Nedra decided the best potential land spot for the sign would be a strip of land they could donate to the city and allow it to be the home of the new sign. 

Mary Warner and the rest of the City Beautiful Commission
took possession of the needs and search for a builder for the sign.  Ron Otwell, a local brick mason, who had
built signs for several city parks was ultimately selected to build the large
sign for Texarkana.  Funds were requested
and approved from the A&P Commission of Texarkana, Arkansas, and work moved
forward for the sign.  The sign was
completed and dedicated with city officials, representatives from the area, and
the press on July 9, 2015. 

Since the dedication, the sign has been featured in advertising, pictures, and has become a symbolic point of entry into the Texarkana area.  Behind the scenes, the Miller County Master Gardeners have helped maintain the plants around the sign.  The city crews have watered and have continued to work toward getting a sprinkler system to the sight.  The state highway department has maintained mowing near the sign and has generously cut back trees to allow better visibility of the sign for travelers. 

With all the various groups involved, the work at the sign
shows no indications of ending soon.  The
City Beautiful Commission still discusses and works toward the improvement and maintenance
of the sign at their monthly meetings. 
The Master Gardeners report updates and place recommendations for
planting.  The city updates on water
efforts and needs and the A&P Commission stands ready to assist financially
as needed to support the sign. Recently a beautiful dedication plaque was placed on the sign (see picture).  With the placement of the plaque, Nedra Harris Turney sees the work aspect of the sign and its dedication to her parents as complete.  She is quick to stress that she appreciates all the work, dedication, and help that made the sign possible.  She also reminds the community that the sign will need the support of the community and city groups long after this generation is gone and that each generation will need to pick up, work, and maintain the sign so that it will always be a beautiful and unique welcome to the area known to the world as simply Texarkana. Continue Reading →

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Community Thanksgiving Planned for November 23

The Sandflat Glendale Shannon Neighborhood Center at 209 East 14th in Texarkana, Arkansas will host a community Thanksgiving Feast on November 23. The event will be held at the center at 2:00 p.m., and the event is open to the public and free. The celebration meal is sponsored by the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation, Barbara Pitts, African Bandits MC, Athletic Performance Institute, Central Arkansas Development Council, Jade McFadden, and Big Eats Catering, LLC. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Shaneice Batton at 870-330-4965. If anyone is interested in donating or assisting with this event, please contact Barbara Pitts at 903-908-9754. Continue Reading →

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West Bowie County Football League Super Bowl Today

The West Bowie County Football League will host its “Super Bowl Saturday” today in New Boston, Texas. The event starts at 9 a.m. this morning and will go through the afternoon. Multiple games will be held throughout the day with the “Superbowl Games” occurring at 9 am 2 pm and 3:30 pm. The public is encouraged and invited to come out and watch. Schedule: 9 am Flag Dekalb vs LE 10 am Jr Queen City vs Hooks11:30am Sr New Boston vs Maud1 pm Cheer competition 2 pm Jr Dekalb Vs New Boston3:30pm Sr Dekalb vs Hooks. Continue Reading →

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1894 Art Gallery to Host Art Show

1894 City Market picture from Facebook

Heritage, Heart, and Arts, a local non-profit group, will sponsor an art show from October 26-November 30 at the 1894 Art Gallery. Several local and regional artists will be featured in the month-long event. The event should provide exposure for some artists who might otherwise go unnoticed. The art gallery is located in the 1894 City Market which has undergone extensive renovations and revitalization in downtown Texarkana, Arkansas. In addition to events like the art show, the 1894 City Market also host weekend events monthly where local artist and others are able to gather. Continue Reading →

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