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Texarkana Arkansas School District Wraps Up 2017 Elections

Texarkana, AR – The Texarkana Arkansas School District wrapped up election night this evening with a win for the district with the School Tax issue that will ensure a new school in the district.  Supporters of the measure had stressed that the School Tax would not change with a win or a loss in the election; however, without the win there would be no funds toward the building of a new, needed school in the district.  The unofficial counts showed 1,116 for the School Tax and 282 against the tax. Jesse Buchanan ran unopposed for the school board seat in Zone 3.  There were two contested races, once for Zone 5 and one for Zone 6.   Unofficial totals have Chrystal Marlar defeating Laney Harris by 246 to 184 for Zone 5.  In Zone 6 the official totals has Roger Douglas defeating Lissa Henry by 109 to 57. There are 10,895 registered voters of the seven precincts involved in the school election.  1,407 turned out to vote.  Results will be certified by the Miller County Elections Commission Monday at 5:00 p.m.


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First-Generation College Student Event Celebrates Bold Steps Toward College Completion

October 30, 2017- Texarkana, TX- If you are the first person in your family to attend college, you have set an important precedent for future generations. Your decision to enroll in a post-secondary program to earn your certificate or degree means it is likely that your quality of life will improve, and so will the lives of others in your family who follow in your footsteps. People who have completed a higher education credential make more money, have more opportunities to reach their career goals and live healthier lives than those who earn only a high school diploma (data obtained from Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board- 60x30TX.) The experience of a first-generation college student is rewarding yet complicated, and it can be laden with pressure beyond the classroom. As a family pioneer to the college culture, balancing financial needs, work schedules and family obligations can be a huge challenge. And that’s why there’s support available at Texarkana College to help you navigate the process, learn about your options and stay afloat when you feel like you’ve gotten into deep water. Continue Reading →

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TC Trustees Hold Board Meeting in DeKalb at The Williams House Museum

Monday, October 23, 2017, DeKalb, TX- Texarkana College Board of Trustees met today at The Williams House Museum in DeKalb, Texas, for their regular monthly meeting. Trustees along with members of TC faculty, staff and administration, were welcomed with generous hospitality by museum volunteers. President James Henry Russell said that holding regular board meetings in public locations throughout TC’s district is an annual goal of the institution. “Bowie County spans across many miles, and we recognize the importance of providing greater access for residents in our service area to attend TC Board of Trustee meetings,” Russell said. “Three of TC’s trustees live in the western portion of Bowie County and we are glad for the opportunity to meet closer to their homes. Continue Reading →

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DPS Highlights School Bus Safety Efforts

Texas – In conjunction with National School Bus Safety Week (Oct. 16-20), the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is urging Texans to comply with laws prohibiting drivers from passing school buses. During this period, DPS Highway Patrol Troopers will be looking for drivers who violate the law. It is illegal to pass any school bus that is stopped and operating a visual signal – either flashing red lights or a stop sign. “Motorists should always be alert and practice safe driving habits when traveling near school buses or anywhere school children gather, including bus stops,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. Continue Reading →

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Wheelchair Donation Provides Aid for TC Students and Campus Guests with Limited Mobility

Texarkana, TX- At a ceremony held October 13, Texarkana Emergency Center donated three wheelchairs to Texarkana College for use on campus to temporarily aid students or guests who have limited mobility. The wheelchairs will be placed around campus in high-traffic areas and be available in case of emergencies or to assist those with injuries. “Texarkana Emergency Center is happy to support our community and TC by donating these three wheelchairs,” said Dr. Matt Young, Texarkana Emergency Center Medical Director. “As healthcare providers, we realize the importance of our patients, families and friends being able to enjoy the many educational opportunities, programs and special events TC has to offer while healing from an injury or medical procedure. ”

Young said his entire family began their college career at TC, and he knows the importance of getting a great start. Continue Reading →

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Gov. Hutchinson to Speak at TASD Grant Event

Texarkana, AR – Governor Asa Hutchinson will speak at the “Red Wall” on Wednesday October 6 at 9:30 a.m. about Texarkana Arkansas School District’s (TASD) new grant.  TASD has received the Magnet Assistance Program Grant.  The grant will continue to help TASD prepare students for post graduate lives in Texarkana and beyond. The event will be held at Arkansas High School at the Red Wall.  Parking will be reserved for the event next to the high school on Jefferson. Continue Reading →

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See You at the Pole – 2017 Arkansas High

Texarkana, AR – A chorus of prayers around the nation were heard in heaven on September 27, at 7:30 in the morning. If you happened to drive past Arkansas High School at this time, you would have seen a massive group of students in a circle praying together: praying for their school, their families, their friends, and their struggles. This national event is called See You at the Pole which brings students, teachers, and community members together to recognize the power of prayer. At Arkansas High, the event began with junior Alyssa Smith, a member of the FCS Leadership Team, reading Hebrews 12:2, since the theme this year was Fix Your Eyes. Hebrews 12:2 says, “fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. Continue Reading →

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See You at the Pole September 27 at Arkansas High

Texarkana, USA- For years prayer was a part of our public school systems across the nation until the age of forced separations became the norm.  Although nobody was made to pray, eventually courts caused the schools to pull prayer from their daily routines.  At that time, prayer in the schools became “A moment of silence”.  Students were encouraged to reflect on their upcoming day, think about assignments, meditate or just pray if they wished to do so.  Then even the moment of silence was almost completely removed from the schools. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana College Faculty Association Establishes $40,000 Endowed Scholarship Fund with TC Foundation

Texarkana, TX- The Texarkana College Faculty Association presented a check for $40,000 to the TC Foundation today to establish an endowed scholarship fund. Members of the Faculty Association award up to ten student scholarships annually through funds acquired by faculty payroll deductions and memorial donations.  Now, as a permanent endowment, the fund can continue to grow through donations as well as through interest earned on the principal investment. Kim Penney, TC Faculty Association President, said, “When the Faculty Association was established approximately 50 years ago, an important goal was to invest in our students. Collectively, TC faculty donate approximately $5,000 annually to Faculty Association scholarships for students.”

Penney said faculty members recommended the establishment of the endowed fund to ensure scholarships in perpetuity. “Members felt that investing our monies into TC’s Foundation would increase sustainability and potential returns on our investment,” said Penney. Continue Reading →

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Lady Dragons Track Team Undefeated and Legendary


Genoa, AR- Just before the first Genoa Central home football game, the Lady Dragons Track Team of 2016-2017 took to the sideline.  Coach John Murphy walked out of retirement to address the crowd of Dragon fans present.  In his presentation, he noted that the Lady Dragons have now been state champions three times in a row.  This season, the coach’s last season with them, they were not only state champions, but they stood with a record of 9-0. As Coach Murphy spoke, he noted the hardships and the triumphs of many of the young lady’s present.  He also noted that unlike a football or basketball game, when these ladies walked onto the track, they were up against several other teams.  Each young lady was recognized publicly and congratulated by the coach as they received their championship rings. Later just before the game the stands were dotted with Lady Dragons wearing T-shirts printed with “Undefeated, Legendary, and 9-0”.  They proudly showed their rings to family and friends as their coach visited with several of the spectators.  It was apparent that friends, family, and school members are very proud of the accomplishments of this team. The Lady Dragons are the 2016-2017 State 3A Champions and the District 7 3A Champions.  One school employee noted they already have a trophy case full and now they are adding another championship to long string of excellence. Continue Reading →

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