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Old Tyme Burger Shoppe to Change Hours


Texarkana, USA – It’s no secret that Old Tyme Burger Shoppe is one of this writer’s favorite places in town to eat.  They have some of the best Chicken Fried Steaks and Chicken Fried Chicken in the region, they are family owned, and the atmosphere is friendly for anyone.  If someone comes to town, and intends to eat out, the Old Tyme Burger Shoppe is always one of the best options. Speaking with Thomas “Tombo” Collins today I learned that the hours at Old Tyme will be changing soon.  Tombo said that they have received a lot of feedback and request for additional hours at the restaurant.  To help with this, a new manager has been hired to assist Tombo, and new ideas are floating around the restaurant all the time.  Tombo said the hours would change starting May 1st to meet customer request. Starting May 1, the new hours will be as follows:

MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY                                                                           OPEN 6 AM TO 3 PM


The new hours should allow families and friends to stop in and pick up dinner or eat in the restaurant on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings before heading out on the town for other events.  It will be easy to go eat, and then head over to a movie or even a football game once the season rolls around again.   In a town saturated with mainstream, fast, food restaurants, it’s good to know that Old Tyme Shoppe is around to meet the needs of people wanting fast, quality food. Continue Reading →

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Making Texarkana Beautiful and Moving on Up….or Over

Texarkana, Arkansas – Mary and Wendell Warner not only have a passion for the beatification of Texarkana, Arkansas, but they live that passion daily.  Mary is the former chair of the Texarkana Arkansas City Beautiful Commission and Wendell is the current Vice-Chair.  Both continue to serve on the commission and contribute to the city’s efforts to be….well, beautiful.  Mary and Wendell have taken their passion for Texarkana and applied it now to home – in fact not just one home, but two. In 2001, the couple purchased their home at 801 East 12th in Texarkana, Arkansas.  Over the next few years they poured work into not only their passions for the city and the area, but also into the home.  The home became a masterpiece in Texarkana.  With more home than couple needed, they decided to do what any couple would with a passion to make the city better….they bought the house next door. In March of 2016, Mary and Wendell embarked on another beatification project.  This home, roughly the same size as their current home would be a move up….well, a move over.  The house is located at 721 East 12th  and is right next door to the last house the couple renovated. After purchasing the house, the couple dedicated themselves almost completely to the renovation.  They took time off from other ventures and focused daily on the work at 721.  Anyone passing by the home in the morning, afternoon, or evening was sure to see Wendell or Mary somewhere around the house.  They were painting doors, on scaffolds, having plumbers in, having electricians in, and having the floors sanded and redone.  Those friends on Facebook and other social media outlets were able to follow the progress along as the couple worked tirelessly to complete the beautification and renovation of another home on East 12th. After months of hard work, moving day finally arrived.  When I heard that the move was happening, I couldn’t help but hear the old Jefferson song from the series running through my head “We’re moving on up…” except this time I kept hearing it as “We’re moving on over….”  The newly renovated house is now home to Mary and Wendell.  Their previous project, and beautiful home, is now listed for sale. Continue Reading →

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City Introduces Draft Comprehensive Plan Update and Seeks Final Input From Citizens

 TEXARKANA, TX- The third and final public engagement meeting regarding the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update will be held Thursday, April 20, 2017, 6:00 p.m. at the Texarkana, Texas Convention Center.  The City will introduce the draft recommendations for each element of the Comprehensive Plan update and receive input from the public to define early priority actions and improvements within the elements of Future Land Use Plan, Parks and Trails; Mobility/Transportation; Urban Design; Downtown; and Neighborhoods.  Over the past nine months, a 17-member steering committee met monthly; over 1600 public comments have been received; and just over 200 residents attended the Comprehensive Plan meetings so far.  A City’s comprehensive plan is an important guiding document that sets the tone for how a City will develop, grow, and change over time. More specifically, the plan will help guide growth and development in the City for the next 25 years. The City hopes even more citizens will participate in this final meeting to help shape your Texarkana.  This new Comprehensive Plan will provide clear direction for the development of the community. Continue Reading →

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City of Texarkana, Texas Approves Project Funds

TEXARKANA, TX- The City of Texarkana, Texas City Council approved funds Monday night at the regularly scheduled council meeting for upcoming Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects set to be completed during the 2017-2018 fiscal year. The total expenditures for the upcoming year related to these projects will be $14.4 million.  The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a long-range plan that identifies capital projects and investment opportunities within the City and provides a planning schedule and financing options for identified projects. 
 Projects for this year include replacement of playground equipment across the city parks, dredging the Spring Lake Park pond, replacement of roofs for community centers, health department and city buildings, improvement of various parking lots and the installation of new ball field lights at both Spring Lake Park and Wallace Park, and also design costs for the airport terminal, Perot Theatre Restoration and Art Park, and the fire station relocation.  The eleven 2017-2018 projects are part of a 53-project comprehensive capital plan spanning through the year 2044. Continue Reading →

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City of Texarkana Texas receives two grants from Union Pacific Foundation

TEXARKANA, TX — The City of Texarkana, Texas accepted two donations from Union Pacific Railroad’s Foundation for the Texarkana Texas Farmers’ Market and Historical Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Tour. The Foundation donated $6,500 to the City and its downtown partners on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.  The money will be used to improve the Farmers’ Market, and implement heat mitigation strategies to keep both vendors and customers cooler during the summer months. The market will once again rent a large tent to help cool the area, which is currently not covered.  The grant to the Bike Tour will be used to design interactive signage which will highlight various locations around the Arts and Historic District. Continue Reading →

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City of Texarkana Kicks off Mobile Data Collection Project

TEXARKANA, TX — The City of Texarkana, Texas will begin a project next week seeking to inventory the condition of all streets within the city limits.  To accomplish this, the City retained the services of Data Transfer Solutions, LLC (DTS) based out of San Antonio, TX.  DTS is a nationwide firm and provides professional asset management and mobile data collection services to local and state government agencies. 
 DTS operates a fleet of sophisticated data collection vehicles equipped with an  array of precision instrumentation and data collection equipment that helps state and local transportation agencies inventory and manage transportation infrastructure, facilities, and assets.  Specifically, the vans possess digital cameras that will collect imagery on all pavement and above ground, transportation-related assets located within the right-of-way.  This imagery will be used to create a digital video inventory. 
 To collect all relevant data, the vehicles will be traveling all roads within the City of Texarkana, and to ensure the highest quality of data and imagery, the vehicles will only collect data during daylight hours.  If residents have any questions or need additional information regarding the vehicles, the project, or the process; please contact the City of Texarkana at 903-798-3948 or dusty.henslee@txkusa.org.  Continue Reading →

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Autism Conference Scheduled for March 17 in Texarkana

Texarkana, AR – Registration is open now online to attend Future Horizons Autism Conference in Texarkana, Arkansas.  The conference will be held Friday March 17, at the Arkansas Convention Center.  Featured speakers will be Dr. Temple Grandin, Eustacia Cutler, and Dr. Jim Ball. Additional information can be found online at http://fhautism.com/attend-a-conference/texarkana-arkansas-march-17-2017/  The conference will offer continuing education hours to those needing it.  A schedule of events is lined up as follows:

Autism Conference Schedule


Registration and Continental Breakfast

Welcome and Announcements

Dr. Temple Grandin – The Way I See It


Eustacia Cutler (Via Skype) – A Thorn In My Pocket:  Eustacia’s Story of Raising Temple Grandin​

Lunch on your own

Dr. Jim Ball – Early Intervention and Autism​


Dr. Jim Ball (continued)

Conference Ends

Continue Reading →

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Captain Glenn Greenwell Retirement

Capt. Glenn Greenwell’s career in Law Enforcement began in November of 1975 with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department and he worked his way up through the ranks making Captain in October of 1999.  During his law enforcement tenure Capt. Greenwell left TAPD in May of 1984 for approximately 3 years to serve as Chief of Police for De Kalb Police Department. Captain Glen Greenwell served the majority of his time as the Services Division Commander responsible for the administrative function of the agency.  This included TAPD’s operating budget, personnel, training, risk management, internal affairs, computer services, radio communications, wireless mobile data support, technical services, grant management, fleet management, airport police services, court security, corrections, and logistical services support to the other department divisions. Captain Glenn Greenwell holds a Master’s Degree from Texas A&M University-Texarkana.  He has received many awards throughout his career including Police Commendation, Officer of the Quarter, Educational and Advanced Certificate, and many letters of commendation and appreciation in his files. Chief Bob Harrison said all of these professional accomplishments and accolades, pale in comparison to the real impact Captain Greenwell has had on the men and women of this agency. Glenn has been a very competent, dedicated professional, and personal friend that will be missed.  We will all greatly miss his contribution to the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department and to the City of Texarkana, Arkansas.  We wish him well as he transitions to the next phase in his lifetime of retirement. Continue Reading →

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College Preview Day at Texarkana College- Come See Why It’s A Great Place to Start or Start Over!

Texarkana College invites you to attend Preview Day on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017, at 2 p.m.
February 20, 2017- TC staff is ready to help you get started on your college admissions process! Preview Day gives prospective students a chance to take a campus tour; meet TC students, professors and staff; visit TC’s full-service recreation and student centers; check out the library and academic commons; and learn how to pay for it all. College staff will give an overview of the many degrees and certificates available at TC that lead to high-demand jobs in a variety of fields. Since 1927, Texarkana College has helped guide students from all around our region start their journey towards a better and brighter future. Continue Reading →

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The Needed Connection of Arkansas High to Arkansas Stadium

Texarkana, AR- Anyone who has ever attended Arkansas High and had to walk from the school to the stadium or from the stadium to the school knows the dangers faced by a student.  While students are fortunate to have a stadium so close to the main high school campus, they are also hindered by no direct, safe route to walk to the stadium. Nix Creek effectively blocks any direct access to the stadium for students.  The best students can do is walk down Nix Creek trail and then cross the bridge on 18th street where they are exposed to traffic from both directions.  During game nights this traffic can range anywhere from a few cars to hundreds of cars flooding up and down the street. Continue Reading →

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