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OICA Accepting Nominations for Laura Choate Resilience Award

Oklahoma-The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA) is now accepting nominations online for the Laura Choate Resilience Award. The award was created to celebrate individuals who have overcome significant childhood adversity to make a lasting contribution to the lives of young people. Nominees have exhibited bravery and demonstrated a dedication to fostering resilience in Oklahoma children. The public can submit nominations through until September 29 at 5 PM. This award is named for Laura Choate, who served as a plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit that helped to uncover and reform widespread abuse and neglect within the state’s  juvenile justice system. Continue Reading →

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State Government is Failing to Help the Needy

Oklahoma-If you have driven the H.E. Bailey Turnpike south from Oklahoma City, you have most likely seen a billboard that reads, “Government takes from the Needy and gives to the Greedy,” a statement that is famously attributed to President Ronald Reagan. The quote is from a speech that Reagan gave before Congress, where he basically discusses how government programs often do not actually serve those truly in need. He believed far too many people abuse the system, benefiting from services they do not need or should be providing for themselves. To this day, we regularly hear this concern from many politicians who argue for cutting spending, citing “waste, fraud and abuse” within government.  While I believe the overwhelming majority of taxpayer dollars are used to support essential and necessary programs, sometimes these fiscal hawks are right. That’s why OICA was proud to support legislation this past session to improve the use of audits for agencies, helping to verify that dollars are truly going to benefit who Ronald Reagan described as “the needy,” rather than being wasted or misappropriated to “the greedy.”

With that being said, we are now facing an entirely different dilemma when it comes to state government: a massive revenue shortfall that is starving state agencies and eroding the quality of our government services. Continue Reading →

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A Crisis Moment for the State Budget


Oklahoma-This week the Oklahoma Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on whether several revenue raising measures, including a cigarette fee, will be deemed constitutional or not.  If the court upholds the constitutionality of these measures, state agencies will regain some semblance of stability through the remainder of the fiscal year (although most are still struggling from years of cuts and under-funding). If the court instead strikes down these measures, agencies could see debilitating double digit reductions to their budgets. Needless to say, should the latter happen, major services will be reduced or eliminated, especially preventative measures helping families and individual Oklahomans better their lives. Even the best-case scenarios would see many programs benefiting Oklahoma’s children suffer greatly. That we find ourselves in this situation is unacceptable. Continue Reading →

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Protecting Children from School Bullying

Oklahoma-It is almost time for more than 700,000 children in Oklahoma to return to school!  With the return of the school year, anxiety can run high, sometimes leading to some traumatic issues.  One of the most stressful situations children face is how to deal with bullying. The American Academy of Pediatrics has some good suggestions on how to deal with bullying issues. Bullying, or the modern form of cyberbullying, is when one child or more picks on another child repeatedly. Bullying can be physical, verbal, or social. It can happen at school or on a school bus, in the neighborhood, over the Internet, or on computers and smart phones. Continue Reading →

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For the Children:    Honoring the Real Superheroes

Oklahoma-As we prepare for our upcoming banquet, it is my privilege to recognize the folks who the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA) will honor the evening of August 10th at our Heroes Ball!  We announced the winners just this past weekend, but I would like to go into further details about why each one of these individuals and organizations are “heroes” for Oklahoma kids. Our first honorees, receiving the SONIC Commitment Award, are Pastor Craig Groeschel and his wife Amy Groeschel of Life.Church. Craig and Amy are being recognized for their work to encourage Oklahomans to become foster or adoptive parents. Largely because of their efforts and the strong message they sent to their congregation, Oklahoma met its goal of recruiting more than 1,000 foster families last year. Our next honorees will receive the Steven A. Novick Award for Dedication.  If you have not heard of him, Steven was the attorney who won a landmark lawsuit which uncovered significant shortcomings within Oklahoma’s child welfare system, ultimately leading to major reforms and the creation of OICA.  The recipients this year are the television stations KFOR, KTUL and KSWO, each one of which devoted significant air time to the AdoptOkKids program that helps children in foster care find adoptive families. Continue Reading →

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OICA Announces Award Winners to be Recognized at Aug. 10 Heroes Ball  

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy’s (OICA) has announced the winners of three awards that will be presented at the OICA Heroes Ball on August 10 at the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City. Each award winner was chosen by the OICA Board of Directors for their outstanding contribution to children’s well-being in Oklahoma. The winners of the Kate Barnard Perseverance Award are Jasmine and Melvin Moran, the creators of the Jasmine Moran Childen’s Museum in Seminole, Oklahoma. Their museum has inspired and educated countless children since its opening in 1993. The award is named after Oklahoma’s first female elected official, who worked to end child labor and the mistreatment of Native children. Continue Reading →

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Youth Programs Can Lead to Future Careers


Oklahoma-I had the great pleasure last week of visiting a summer youth program at Bridgestone Intermediate School in western Oklahoma City.  This group of about thirty students in the 5th and 6th grade was a joy to meet with, and many of them were already expressing an interest in politics. They asked me to share my story with them: how I became a state legislator, a gubernatorial candidate and now the director of OICA. As I related that story, I realized that many of my lifelong passions developed when I was only slightly older than them. My interest in politics really started in earnest when I served as a page for Senator Ray Giles as a high school student.  From that experience, I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to a career path of helping shape policy and working in the best interest of my fellow Oklahomans. I had this experience thanks to a 4-H award which I won my junior year.  I had joined 4-H when I was the same age as the Bridgestone students I met last week, and I experienced many wonderful leadership development opportunities which not only took me outside the town limits of Rush Springs, but all across the United States. Continue Reading →

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OICA Accepting Nominations for “People’s Choice” Award for Child Advocates

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA) will be accepting nominations through June 23 for the 2017 “People’s Choice Award” for an individual or organization that has made a significant and positive impact on behalf of child wellbeing in Oklahoma. Nominations can be submitted online at the following URL: After the nominations are collected, Oklahomans will have a chance to vote online for the final winner. The award will be presented at the OICA Heroes Ball, to be held on August 10th at the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City. OICA CEO Joe Dorman encouraged Oklahomans to nominate exceptional individuals, companies or groups. Continue Reading →

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For the Children:   Lessons to Live By

I had the pleasure of delivering two graduation speeches this year to high school students embarking on the next stage of their lives.  I remember as a graduate how anxious I was for that next stage.  I am confident students today feel the same, and I am equally certain our state elected officials share that attitude after finalizing this year’s legislative session.  In fact, the content of my speech could probably apply just as much to Oklahoma’s politicians as it does to its high school graduates. I used three quotes as the foundation for my remarks to recent grads.  The first, pulled from comic book fanfare, is the basis of what drives one character to keep fighting against tremendous odds and constant obstacles.  Ben Parker imparted upon his nephew that “with great power comes great responsibility” (a comic book update to the Biblical lesson “to whom much is given, much is required”).  Those words go to the core of what keeps Spider-man going even through the toughest of times.  He has a responsibility to use his powers to better the world.  With graduates, they now have the responsibility to be an active part of society as adults, pay their taxes, and go to the polls and vote. This effort will make their neighborhoods, their communities, their state and their nation better. Our legislators have the power of the vote at the capitol. Continue Reading →

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For the Children: Free Comic Book Day Helps to Boost Reading and Literacy


Oklahoma – I am taking a week off from discussing the Oklahoma Legislature and politics to share some important news: May 6 is Free Comic Book Day in the United States! As a collector of comics, I am excited about this day for obvious reasons. But as the CEO of the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy, I am excited about the way in which it can be used to jump-start our children’s interest in reading, their imaginations, and ultimately their literacy levels. If you were not aware before, you are now: I collect comic books. When I was running for governor in 2014, my staff was actually afraid it might cost me votes. Continue Reading →

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