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City Beautiful Committee to Host Clean Up

Texarkana, AR – The Texarkana Arkansas City Beautiful Committee will host a clean up Saturday May 20th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.   Texarkana Arkansas citizens may participate by bringing items to one of three locations within the city.  Drop off sites will be set up at Bramble Park, Market Place (the old County Market on Jefferson Ave) and The Sandflat Glendale Center on E. 14th. Dumpsters will be set up and supervised by City Beautiful Committee members from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  No items will be taken before 9:00 a.m. and no items will be taken after the dumpsters are full or after dumpsters have been picked up at 12:00 p.m.

Please do not leave items at any location unless there is a dumpster and a City Beautiful Committee member present.  Dumping items at these locations without a dumpster and a committee member could be considered illegal dumping. The following items may not be placed in dumpsters and will not be accepted:

Tires and/or Wheels
Automobile parts and/or batteries 
Dead animals – including fish
appliances with refrigerant
building materials – includes shingles
concrete, bricks, rock, dirt
paint and/or paint cans
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Missing Presidential Picture Sparks Discussion on Facebook


Texarkana, USA- In Texarkana, the United States Post Office and Court House on Stateline Avenue has had the portraits of Presidents and Vice Presidents over the exit doors from the main lobby for as long as most can remember.  The most recent President to hang there was President Obama.  His portrait came down during the transition of power and office to President Trump.  As is the custom, the new President and Vice President both had official portraits taken and then distributed by the government.  It has now been almost four months since the change in Washington.  In Texarkana, at one of the most visited sites in the city, the unique federal courthouse still does not have the new President’s picture hanging in the traditional spot. A recent post to the Miller County Republican Facebook page noted the lack of the President’s picture and comments have been expanding ever since.  Comments have been from things like “Good” to “Someone needs to get the pictures up.”   The post has now been shared on the Texarkana Cheers and Jeers page.  Needless to say, on that page comments have been a little more diverse. The bottom line is President Trump is not popular with a lot of people.   It almost seems that if he said, “Milk is good for you,” someone would be standing nearby to say, “He’s trying to kill all the lactose intolerant people!”  Just like any other President in our nation’s history, some people like him, and some people do not like him.  Republicans were very vocal in their opposition to President Obama, it’s only fair that Democrats would now be vocal about their opposition to President Trump.  However, all that opposition does not change one important fact.  Trump is the President.  Had Clinton won, then Clinton would be the President.  It was the same when Bush won, when Clinton won, when Reagan won, when Carter won, and so on.  The person elected by our system to be President is sworn in and becomes President.  You may not like him or her and you can vocalize that – one of the perks of a free country – but regardless of how you may feel, that person is still President. All this though boils down to one important question.  Why has the new President and Vice-President’s portraits not been hung up at the courthouse? Continue Reading →

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Fouke Farmers’ Market to Open on May 20

Fouke, AR – Like most small towns around the country, Fouke is preparing for opening day of their Farmers’ Market.  Unlike many other small towns, Fouke’s Famers’ Market just happens to be located on one Monster Expressway – another term for Highway 71 in the Fouke area.  In addition to being the home of the Fouke Monster, a great Farmers’ Market, and a growing community, the market will also feature some unique friends and events this year. In what promoters describe as “One of the more non traditional things” the community has decided to have Ark-La-Tex Animal Rescue for this year’s Farmers’ Market season.  Visitor will be able to purchase fresh produce, listen to the live music, observe various demonstrations and activities as well as consider helping to rescue an animal. Continue Reading →

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Help Needed for Northeast Arkansas Flood Victims


Texarkana, USA – Representative Carol Dalby issued a call to help flood victims in Northeast Arkansas yesterday on her Facebook Page.  Assistance is needed for the Northeast Arkansas Flood victims in several areas.  Dalby is the District 1 Representative for the Arkansas House of Representatives.   Dalby has joined with many of representatives and senators, including Senator Jimmy Hickey, to issue this call for assistance.   Former Arkansas House of Representative and Former Arkansas Highway Commissioner Mary “Prissy” Hickerson is also helping with the campaign. Representative Dalby’s message in it’s entirety is here:

As you know, NEArkansas has been devastated by flooding. Continue Reading →

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Tony Alamo Dead According to Early Reports

Update:  The Four States News has now confirmed that Tony Alamo has died.   No details have been released as of this time; however, Alamo was serving his 175 year sentence in federal prison.  Reports indicate that he died in a prison hospital in Butner, North Carolina.  The information has been released by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.  

Fouke, AR -Early reports coming in from citizens in the Fouke, Arkansas area indicate that Tony Alamo has died. Continue Reading →

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Genoa Band Plays Spring Concert

Genoa, AR – Genoa Central Band presented their Spring Concert this evening in the Genoa Central Gym.  The kids recorder groups played songs from “Mary had a little lamb” to “When the Saints Go Marching In”.  The advanced band played “El Capitan” while the beginner band played “Conquest”.  Several other songs were presented by each group and the combined groups. William’s Brass presented “And The Walls Came tumbling Down”, and finally a combined band played “Year of The Dragon”.  The Genoa band was also honored with guest Dr. George English who presented a bagpipe presentation. In all, twenty songs were presented for enjoyment of the community.  Family and friends were in attendance from around Genoa and surrounding areas. On a special note, the Four States News would like to congratulate Band Director Joe DuPas on his pending retirement.  Mr. DuPas served as director of the band this evening for what will likely be his last time at Genoa.  Much to the disappointment of the community, students, and parents, Mr. DuPas has decided to retire at the end of this school year.  Mr. DuPas started the band program at Genoa in 2006, and has served as band director since that time.  The lives changed and enhanced through the music that he has brought over the years to Genoa can never be repaid or fully measured. Continue Reading →

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Sheriff’s Office Promotes Wesley Penny to Sergeant

Miller County, AR- The Miller County Sheriff’s office recently announced the promotion of Wesley Penny.  Penny is an Investigator with the Sheriff’s office and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  He has been with the office for fourteen years and severed the county in several different capacities of law enforcement.  Penny has served as a Detention Deputy, a Patrol Deputy, and an Investigator.  He is currently an Investigator within the Criminal Investigation Division of the office. The announcement noted that Sergeant Penny’s “dedication to duty and exemplary manner in which he serves the citizens of Miller County” served as the reasons for the promotion.  In addition, on social media, Mayor Terry Purvis of Fouke, Arkansas praised the promotion and noted that Sergeant Penny also serves as a Fouke City Marshal. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall


Texarkana, USA – When anyone mentions a “Wall” these days, everyone seems to immediately think of President Trump’s border wall.  While taxpayers may debate, argue, and in some cases become outright violent over the wall, there is another wall people can and should think about when they hear the word “Wall.”  People in Texarkana and the surrounding areas should think seriously about the Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall. The organization is working as a non-profit to build a wall in Texarkana that will pay tribute and remember bikers who have fallen.  Often there is a misconception in society that bikers are bad.  They show up in long beards, tattoos, loud roaring bikes and leather from top to bottom.  People meeting them on the road get an immediate image in their mind of some big, evil motorcycle gang plowing through town looking to do no good.  The truth is the overwhelming majority of motorcycle clubs and bikers are decent and great folks.  Many are lawyers, doctors, construction workers, and business leaders.  To go further many of them are friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters, fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, grandparents and many other social titles that are too often overlooked.  At times society does not see beneath the beards, tattoos, leather and roaring bikes to see men and women who are part of our community.  They are part of us and when they die in a motorcycle accident, they take a small part of us with them. The Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall will list the names of those who have died in motorcycle accidents.  Often these accidents are not the riders fault.  Too many times a rider is not seen by motorist, ignored, or the motorist simply isn’t paying attention.  Unlike being hit in a car, when a motorcyclist is hit, his or her chances of survival drastically reduce.  It is the hope of the organization that the wall will serve as a memorial and bring attention to the need to “Look Twice” pay attention and “Share the road” with cyclist.  By giving Texarkana a place to see the numbers and know the names, this wall can make a difference. A few weeks ago, the need for the wall hit home with our family.  My brother-in-law was driving his motorcycle in Florida when he was hit by a car.  Fortunately, he survived and is going through rehab now, but it could have been worse.  My brother-in-law could have ended up like others we have known.   It could have been like a friend of ours who was killed just a little over a year ago.   We first met Thomas Robison, or “Cowboy” as we called him, when he was doing some work on our home.  He was an outstanding craftsman and your typical motorcycle-looking man.  He had the long beard, the tattoos, and a look that said, “Hey, I’d like to beat the crap out of you just because,” but Cowboy was nothing like that.  He was a father, and a grand-father.  He used to share pictures of his grandchild each time he came by the house.  He always invited me to come by the clubhouse and see the work he and other members of his motorcycle club had done.  I remember one day when he was showing me some motorcycles from a show on his phone I felt the sudden urge to throw in a joke so I asked, “So, is there any Gold Wings on here?”  For a moment Cowboy looked at me like I had lost my mind – which made me wonder for that second if I had misjudged the man’s humor level- then he laughed and said, “There ain’t no Gold Wings on this phone.”  I laughed, happy that this big man saw the humor in my statement.  He was a great guy.  In fact, the last time we saw him, we were planning to have some work done on a new stairway banister.  He seemed more excited about the project that we were. On April 7, 2016, Cowboy was driving south on 71 near the Sheriff’s office in Miller County.  He was on his bike and enjoying a wonderful April afternoon.  A car, driven by someone who did not see Cowboy’s bike, turned.  Cowboy’s motorcycle and the car collided.  He died that day because someone did not see him on his motorcycle.  He left behind a son, three daughters, brothers, sisters, and seven grandchildren.  Cowboy was 58 years young. Continue Reading →

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Friends of The Texarkana Library to Hold Book Sale

Texarkana, USA – The Friends of The Texarkana Public Library will hold a book sale April 28 and 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.   This sale will be the organization’s “Spring Clearance” so everything is half price. Friends of the Texarkana Library was founded in 1981 as a not-for-profit organization.  They serve to encourage people to show support for the library in Texarkana.   The Friends Used Bookstore is located at 320 West Broad street and is opened on the scheduled times listed below.  Donations are accepted in the forms of books, or financial contributions.  The organization published a newsletter Between Friends, and maintains officers as well as a site through the public library site at Friends. After this weekend’s sales, you can catch other sales on the following dates:

May 12, 26, 27

June 9, 23, 24

July 14, 28, 29

August 11, 25, 26

September 8, 29, 30

October 13, 27, 28

November 10, 11 (Everything Half Price Customer Appreciation Sale)

December 8, 9

Donations are accepted when the store is open.  Memberships are also available for individuals, families, and groups.  See the front counter at the store for more information. Continue Reading →

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Old Tyme Burger Shoppe to Change Hours


Texarkana, USA – It’s no secret that Old Tyme Burger Shoppe is one of this writer’s favorite places in town to eat.  They have some of the best Chicken Fried Steaks and Chicken Fried Chicken in the region, they are family owned, and the atmosphere is friendly for anyone.  If someone comes to town, and intends to eat out, the Old Tyme Burger Shoppe is always one of the best options. Speaking with Thomas “Tombo” Collins today I learned that the hours at Old Tyme will be changing soon.  Tombo said that they have received a lot of feedback and request for additional hours at the restaurant.  To help with this, a new manager has been hired to assist Tombo, and new ideas are floating around the restaurant all the time.  Tombo said the hours would change starting May 1st to meet customer request. Starting May 1, the new hours will be as follows:

MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY                                                                           OPEN 6 AM TO 3 PM


The new hours should allow families and friends to stop in and pick up dinner or eat in the restaurant on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings before heading out on the town for other events.  It will be easy to go eat, and then head over to a movie or even a football game once the season rolls around again.   In a town saturated with mainstream, fast, food restaurants, it’s good to know that Old Tyme Shoppe is around to meet the needs of people wanting fast, quality food. Continue Reading →

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