Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.

Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.

A published writer of  poetry, fiction and non-fiction in both the digital age and the pre-digital age of publishing.  Currently serving as editor and writer for the Four States News all while living life across the four states region from Texarkana, USA.

Recent Articles

Four States News Launches Events Pages

During a recent review of post a good friend of mine made a comment about the need for a good community events page.  She stated that there had been a lot of great events last weekend, but there was no real central location to see these events. After a quick look around the Internet, it was easy to find post on Facebook, News sites, and even the home webpages for some of the events.  What was not easy to find was a central location where the event managers themselves could submit an event, edit the event, and have it posted to the entire community.  We needed a site where people could not only list the event, time, place, need or lack of need for tickets, and location, but we also needed to be able to provide a link back to the homepage for the event sponsor. Continue Reading →

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Gov. Hutchinson to Speak at TASD Grant Event

Texarkana, AR – Governor Asa Hutchinson will speak at the “Red Wall” on Wednesday October 6 at 9:30 a.m. about Texarkana Arkansas School District’s (TASD) new grant.  TASD has received the Magnet Assistance Program Grant.  The grant will continue to help TASD prepare students for post graduate lives in Texarkana and beyond. The event will be held at Arkansas High School at the Red Wall.  Parking will be reserved for the event next to the high school on Jefferson. Continue Reading →

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Local Karate School Offers Classes During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Texarkana, USA – October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Lacy’s Shotokan Karate is aiming to make a difference in 2017.  Lacy’s Shotokan Karate will be teaching free self-defense lessons to any woman who has been or is being domestically abused. Wayland Lacy stated on a Facebook post “If you are a victim of abuse, please come by and talk with me.”  Lacy feels like a little knowledge can help save a victim a lot of pain. The lessons are being offered free of charge to those feeling they need help.  Lacy’s Shotokan Karate is located at 36th and Magnolia, Texarkana, Texas.  More information may be obtained by calling 903-793-5010, visiting the school’s website at or on Facebook at

Wayland Lacy operates a traditional Dojo that has been in Texarkana since 1973.  It is the oldest martial arts school in the four states area.  Classes are offered for students from age 5 and up.  Lacy holds a 7th degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won Hapkido and Shorin Ryu Karate, and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kobujuts.  He was also number one as a National Champion and ranked number 3 in the world twice.  Lacy is also an international instructor and travels extensively to teach seminars to military and law enforcement groups around the world. Due to the seriousness of domestic abuse and Lacy’s extensive knowledge and contacts, anyone experiencing domestic abuse is encouraged by The Four States News to speak with Lacy, local law enforcement, or another organization for assistance. Continue Reading →

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Sidney Lodge in Fouke Hosting Scholarship Fundraiser Saturday

Fouke, AR- On Saturday, October 7, Sidney Masonic Lodge in Fouke will be working again to raise funds for their scholarship program.  The lodge will serve BBQ sandwiches, chips, a drink and a desert all for $5.00.  Proceeds go directly into the scholarship fund.  The fund is awarded to one or more local high school graduates. In addition to the work and funds to help local high school graduates, the lodge also has several door prizes to award guest on Saturday. Continue Reading →

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Motel 6, You Might Try Leaving the Light Off

You may remember a commercial where Tom Bodett would proudly announce “We’ll leave the light on for you” to make customers feel at home, but apparently leaving the light on invites another unwanted guest in Livingston, Texas as well.  Imagine slipping into the only room left in town while you’re tired, stressed, and just ready to unwind with your evening meal and catch some reruns of an old television show.  You roll your bag in, set your dinner on the table and flip on the light.  What greets you could easily be a scene from a horror movie for most people.  The room is filled with creatures of an unknown type in the windows, floor, walls, and light fixtures.  You pause just a moment and brace yourself for the onslaught that you are certain will end your life through an unexpected heart attack. Does it all sound like a horror movie?  Well it should because it seemed that way on September 18 as I strolled into the last room of Motel 6 in Livingston, Texas.  The only saving grace, and perhaps the reason I did not succumb to an unexpected heart attack, was the fact that all these little creatures…these bugs…were dead.  They were dead in the window sills, dead behind the door, dead along the edge of the floors and even dead hanging from the walls. I began checking the rest of the room and found a microwave spattered with food on the inside top, a light fixture in the bathroom full of dead bugs, and even a water bottle cap stuck between the mattress and wall which indicated the bed must not have been moved much.  The worst part was that I am confident that the cleaning crews must have seen these bugs since the window curtain was pulled back and clearly revealed a sill covered with bugs. Once I determined there was no bed bugs and there were no other rooms within a fifty-mile radius, I resigned myself that I was going to sleep in the car or the room.  I ended up pulling the sheets down, and sleeping on top of the fitted sheet in my clothing.  I had to leave my shoes on as well since the floor was dotted with little dead bugs. One thing I have learned in the age of the Internet and social media is that major chains look for their hashtag and at symbol’s mentioned.  These chains are especially conscious of Twitter.   I took to my own Twitter account at and started posting pictures.  By the time I was finished, I had posted twenty-five pictures of the room, and made several comments @motel6 to get their attention or with the #motel6 to get their attention.  Within a short time, I received a tweet back from the fine folks who have assured me they leave the light on for me – that’s apparent by the dead bugs who must have been attracted to the light.  Motel 6 wanted me to contact their customer service number at 1-855-303-0045 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Eastern time.  It was now 10:30 p.m. Central time. Continue Reading →

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See You at the Pole September 27 at Arkansas High

Texarkana, USA- For years prayer was a part of our public school systems across the nation until the age of forced separations became the norm.  Although nobody was made to pray, eventually courts caused the schools to pull prayer from their daily routines.  At that time, prayer in the schools became “A moment of silence”.  Students were encouraged to reflect on their upcoming day, think about assignments, meditate or just pray if they wished to do so.  Then even the moment of silence was almost completely removed from the schools. Continue Reading →

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Successful First Meeting of Writers of Texarkana, USA

Texarkana, USA- Promptly at six this afternoon a group of poets, songwriters, fiction and non-fiction writers assembled for the first meeting of Writers of Texarkana, USA.  People came as far away as Queen City to attend what was the inaugural meeting for the group.   Some carried manuscripts, others artwork, some brought books, others brought computers, and some just brought an interest in trying to improve their own craft. After brief introductions, the group quickly broke into small discussion about the best way to hold meetings, agenda ideas, training ideas, and even books that would help other writers were discussed.  The room was filled with over fourteen published writers, and writers on the verge of publication. Continue Reading →

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Book Signing Today in Texarkana

Book lovers and interior decorator lovers today is your day!  This afternoon you can meet Kathy Stewart and Jill Helmer from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and obtain a copy of their new book Home, Celebrating Autumn and Winter.  The book is over 200 pages of pictures and ideas for decorating during this fantastic time of the year. The book signing party is being hosted by local decorator and owner of J. Brown for the Home, Jeff Brown.   Jeff is a Texarkana native, decorator and chairman of the Texarkana Arkansas City Beautiful Commission.  He told us that everyone is always welcome and he would love for people to come by, visit, and just look even if they do not obtain a copy of the book.  However, Jeff feels that once you see the new coffee table book, you won’t want to go to your home without Home. The book signing party is today at J. Brown for the Home is located at 121 College Dr. in Texarkana, TX.   You can find the author’s website online.  You can find Jeff and his store on Facebook at Come out this afternoon between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. see the decorations, visit with the writers and while you’re there take time to meet Jeff! Continue Reading →

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Lady Dragons Track Team Undefeated and Legendary


Genoa, AR- Just before the first Genoa Central home football game, the Lady Dragons Track Team of 2016-2017 took to the sideline.  Coach John Murphy walked out of retirement to address the crowd of Dragon fans present.  In his presentation, he noted that the Lady Dragons have now been state champions three times in a row.  This season, the coach’s last season with them, they were not only state champions, but they stood with a record of 9-0. As Coach Murphy spoke, he noted the hardships and the triumphs of many of the young lady’s present.  He also noted that unlike a football or basketball game, when these ladies walked onto the track, they were up against several other teams.  Each young lady was recognized publicly and congratulated by the coach as they received their championship rings. Later just before the game the stands were dotted with Lady Dragons wearing T-shirts printed with “Undefeated, Legendary, and 9-0”.  They proudly showed their rings to family and friends as their coach visited with several of the spectators.  It was apparent that friends, family, and school members are very proud of the accomplishments of this team. The Lady Dragons are the 2016-2017 State 3A Champions and the District 7 3A Champions.  One school employee noted they already have a trophy case full and now they are adding another championship to long string of excellence. Continue Reading →

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The Outcome of Confederate Statue Hysteria


Dallas is now following other city councils as it prepares to remove a Confederate statue at taxpayer’s expense no matter what the taxpayers want.  In bold moves, city and area councils, are deciding that it is in their best interest to ignore the public input, ignore local and national polls, and ignore the high cost of statue removals while pushing ahead with the removal of these statues and monuments.  They are doing this regardless of what the taxpayers want or request, and they are promoting a form of hysteria, filled lies to meet their agenda. National and local polling has found that most people do not want the Confederate statues removed.  African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Caucasian Americans, and many others have spoken up asking such questions as “Why move this statue after a hundred years?” or “The statue is harming nobody, why move it?” or “I’ve never thought about it before, it’s just always been there.  Why move it now?”  At last count, an NBC 5 poll in Dallas online showed 79% thought that the city should not be removing the statue of Robert E. Lee from Lee Park.  21% supported removing it.  Obviously, if this poll was representative of a public vote, the statue would stay; however, the council voted to move the statue, put it in storage, and move it someplace else…..someday. Former Congressman and Conservative speaker Allen West noted on his site ( that he attended the council meeting.  He points out that the city has a failing pension plan for employees such as police and firefighters, but they still want to spend money removing a statue from 1936.  He also rightfully points out that nobody has ever complained about these statues until the shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.  In a prior post, West stood in front of the statue and stated that as a black man he did not feel the least intimidated by the statue. Arlene Barnum, a descendent of an African American Confederate soldier, passionately plead on social media for the defense of the statue as she has for others.  Several times she challenged those voting to “not use the color of her skin” as an excuse for removal.   She was one of over 70 people who spoke in favor of keeping the Caddo Parrish Confederate Monument in Shreveport, Louisiana recently.  At that time only about 10 people indicated it should be moved.   Ultimately the committee assigned to review it recognized overwhelming support to keep the monument, recommended that it stay, and offered that additional monuments to Reconstruction and Civil Rights should be built as part of a compromise.  The city council, much like the Dallas city council, seemed to refuse to listen and is pushing forward with a vote that will likely force the removal of the statue.  The statue in Shreveport alone could cost taxpayers over a million dollars just to move it and store it, and that does not even count for all the legal battles in Louisiana that will surely be filed once they make the decision.  A quick run through social media reveals hundreds of comments stating the statue should stay.  It has been on-site for well over a hundred years and most people do not seem bothered by it. Dallas, like most other city councils, continues to state that the statues represent white supremacy, slavery, and oppression. Continue Reading →

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