Thomas, Th.D. Clinton S.

Thomas, Th.D. Clinton S.

A published writer of  poetry, fiction and non-fiction in both the digital age and the pre-digital age of publishing.  Currently serving as editor and writer for the Four States News all while living life across the four states region from Texarkana, USA.

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Slim Chickens Fundraiser for Runnin’ WJ Ranch

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Texarkana, TX: On February 20, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Slim Chickens on Stateline in Texarkana will host a fundraiser for the Runnin’ WJ Ranch. Slim Chickens will donate 15% of sales to the non-profit when customers mention “Runnin’ WJ Ranch”. The Runnin’ WJ Ranch is a Christian based 503 c 3 which offers therapeutic riding classes. The organization started in 2001 and has seen over 400 volunteers during its operation. The ranch is a PATh (Internations Premier Accredited Center) and operates under the direction of Director Sam Clem. Continue Reading →

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Early Voting in Bowie County at New Location This Year

Texarkana, Texas early vote to be held at Southwest Center in Texarkana. According to Lisa Thompson, the Economic Development and Special Projects and Media Administrator for the City of Texarkana, Texas, early voting will be at a different location this year. In Texarkana, Texas, Bowie County has held the early vote at the Bi-State Justice building in the past. This year the early vote will be held at the Southwest Center. The Southwest Center is located at 3222 7th Street, in Texarkana, Texas. Continue Reading →

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Carl Standridge Announces Reelection Bid for Justice of the Peace District 4

Carl Standridge

Miller County, AR:  Carl Standridge is announcing his bid for reelection to the position of Justice of the Peace, District 4 for Miller County.  Standridge has served the county in this position for two terms.  He is currently seeking reelection for a third term for the county. Standridge currently serves as the chair of the Smith Park project in the county and has served as the finance chair in the past for the Quorum Court.  He is a lifetime resident of Miller County and is the owner of the Four States Retirement Group in Texarkana, Arkansas.   He is a graduate of Arkansas High and a graduate of  The Life Underwriters  Training Council and The National Association of Life Underwriters.     He is also a member of the Miller County Republican Committee.   Standridge also serves as the Miller County Representative to the State Justice of the Peace Association of Arkansas. Standridge is seeking reelection in the Republican Primary on March 3, 2020.    Early vote starts February 18 and runs until the primary.  Additional information may be found on Facebook at
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Nathan Bedford Forrest Rides Again

When Nathan Bedford Forrest passed away on October 29, 1877,
most people would have thought it was the end of the former Confederate
General’s influence, impact, and story.  For
all the ups and downs of his life, the fact remains that Forrest was one of the
most successful Cavalry leaders in all history. 
He had been so successful as a Confederate General of the Cavalry that
when potential war loomed with Spain, he was considered to fight.  The General-in-chief of the United States
Army said that had war started with Spain; he would “consider it an honor
to have served side-by-side with Forrest.” 
Despite the positive and negative historical accounts about Forrest, most
would have considered the history books closed on the man when he died.  That closure of history would not be the case
for his legacy, though.  Forrest could
not escape fame and honor from some and disgust and loathing from others.   He would be buried in Elmwood Cemetery and
primarily forgotten except for those history books.  However, in 1904 with a surge of pride in the
south, Forrest and his wife made the ride from Elmwood to a new resting place
in Memphis at what would become Forrest Park. 
In Forrest Park, Confederate history would be displayed, and tourism for
the area would rise.   Monuments and historic plaques told the history
of Forrest and others. With the recent rise in Anti-Confederate hysteria, the Forrest statue, park, and resting place came under fire from Memphis officials.  Ignoring the pleas to leave the site alone, allow it to serve as a historical site, and the state law forbidding the removal of historical statues, the city leaders pushed ahead and found a loophole.  In the dead of night, they sold the renamed park, now named Health Sciences Park, to Memphis Greenspace.   The organization was started as a non-profit in October 2017, and purchased the park for $1,000, a considerable amount under fair market value, in December 2017.  The purchase was made with the approval of the Memphis Greenspace president, Shelby County Commissioner Van Turner.  The move allowed the city to sidestep the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act as the non-profit Memphis Greenspace had no obligation to honor state law.   The move was reported to have infuriated the governor and others on a state level in Tennessee.  Almost immediately, lawsuits were launched, and protest was made. Memphis Greenspace mostly ignored the protest, lawsuits, and
calls to leave Forrest and his wife’s graves untouched.  Memphis Greenspace immediately began removing
statues.  The organization completely
ignored the fact that the figure of Forrest was not only a statue but also a
headstone.  The organization removed it
without respect for the grave or the history.  In many states, the law would have considered the
move of a headstone to be the desecration of a cemetery. Continue Reading →

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The “Whose Who” Expands Reach

New Whose Who of our Bowie County logo

There is a good chance you have heard of “The Whose Who of Our Miller County” when it comes to politics. Ronnie Dancer, the moderator, and creator of the group started the online Facebook Page a few years ago to allow political information from Miller County, Arkansas to be shared. Since the start, the page has grown, shared political information, candidate profiles, important dates, and other information without regard to party or person. The site has made a genuine and outstanding attempt at being a fair and neutral site for any candidate or issue. Now the “Whose Who” is expanding. Continue Reading →

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders to speak at Miller County Republican Women Event

The Miller County Republican Women (MCRW) will host a
“Trump Day Dinner” on March 18 at the Arkansas Convention Center in
Texarkana, Arkansas.  The featured guest
speaker will be former White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee
Sanders.   Tickets are currently on sale
online and range from $50 to $150 per guest. 
Sponsorships are also available at this time. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is best known as the third woman to
fill the spot as White House Press Secretary under President Donald Trump.  Because of her ability to stand up to the
press, answer questions directly, and often meet accusations against the
President’s Administration directly, she rose quickly as a Republican Star both
at home in Arkansas and across the nation.  
Sanders is a native of Hope, Arkansas, and the daughter of Mike and
Janet Huckabee.   Sanders has a Bachelor
of Arts degree in political science and a minor in mass communications from
Ouachita Baptist University, where she was also president of the student
body.    She has served in several
campaign organizations, including her father’s, John Boozman’s, and Tom
Cotton’s campaigns. Widespread speculation is that she may be a contender for
Governor of Arkansas soon. The Trump Day Dinner will feature dinner for $50 per ticket
with a VIP Reception and dinner available for $150 per person.  The VIP Reception will be held with Sanders
from 5:30 p.m to 6:15 p.m. with the dinner to follow at 6:30 p.m.  Sponsorships are available with a Founding
Fathers’ table at $800 and The Deplorables table at $1500.  The MCRW has stated that no tickets will be
sold at the door. 

Tickets may be purchased online at
or through the MCRW site at Http://
Questions should be sent to

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2020 Documentation Considerations

By now, most of us are just getting used to the idea of no
longer writing “2019” or only “19” on everything from
checks to legal documents.   If you’re
like me, for about the first week, you had to scratch out “2019” and
try to make it appear to be “2020” on just about everything.  A few years ago, I even sent in a water bill
for January with the previous year’s date on it.  Within a week, I received a sweet note back
with my check stating that they could not take a check over a year old.  As you finally settle into 2020, you may not
realize that this year is unique in the documentation and offers some minor
concerns needing to be considered. 2020 is the first and only year in our lifetimes that we
will deal with a unique issue in dating documents.  This individual issue can cause problems for
legal documents, contracts, checks, and almost any potentially binding
document.  In the past, if you have
signed a document, you may have signed it like “Clinton S. Thomas,
1-15-19” or “John Doe, 12-10-16”.  Anyone looking at those two examples would
know that I signed the first one in 2019 and that John Doe signed the second
one in 2016.  Unless you are looking at
some ancient documents, nobody would assume I signed the paper in 1919.  This year presents a problem for the
potential of date changes.  Consider this
signature, for example, “Clinton S. Thomas 1-15-20”.  Most of us would automatically think the
document was signed in 2020, correct? 
However, what if someone else added to the signature and made it look
like this “Clinton S. Thomas 1-15-2015”?  The addition of a couple of digits to the end
of my signature can change the date from 2020 to anytime back to the year 2000. 

While the issue may be small for most people, you may want to
consider legal documents, checks, and even contracts.  The fact is there are unscrupulous people
living in 2020.  Those people, with ill
intent possibly toward you or others, could easily take a signature or document
signed in “20” and make it appear to be approved many years before
the actual signing date. Most of us will never face any problems with merely signing
with a “20” as the year. 
However, if you want to play it safe and ensure that nobody comes behind
you and changes your date, I would suggest you consider signing everything with
“2020” this year. If you’re worried that this problem will arise again in the
future, don’t.  I’m sure that when 2121
rolls around, the Four States News will issue a story reminding people to
consider writing out the full date at that time.  I think I already have the opinion piece on
the calendar for January 2121. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas Assessments Online for Miller County

Once again the new year is in full swing and with it comes the annual assessment of property in Arkansas. Assessments of vehicles can be completed in person at 400 Laurel Street, Room 100, Texarkana, Arkansas, by phone at 870-774-1502, or online at ScoutAssess. This year if you want to avoid the rush and the busy signals on the phone, you can complete the assessment online at the Scout Assess site. There are several screens to be completed with the first one being a choice between vehicles and business property. Most people will be doing vehicles. Continue Reading →

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It’s Almost Time for Santa Again!

Kids, can you believe it is that time of year again? It is once again time for our friend Santa Clause to leave out of his home at the North Pole and fly around the world. He will be delivering toys and other good things all over the world soon. This year you can follow Santa’s route, play fun games online, and make sure that you are sleeping by the time Santa comes into your town. At the Four States News, we have been told by Santa’s top elves that he is looking forward to visiting the four states area this year for Christmas! Continue Reading →

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Oscar and Katherine Harris Dedication Plaque Placed at Welcome Sign

New plaque at I-30 Welcome Sign

In July of 2015, the city of Texarkana Arkansas completed a dedication ceremony for a large welcome sign near I-30 as visitors and travelers cross into the city.  The dedication was completed by the City Beautiful Commission under the supervision of chair Mary Warner with funds from the A&P Commission of Texarkana, Arkansas.  Most travelers and citizens saw the sign, appreciated it and moved on with little knowledge of the work of love and dedication that had gone into the project. 

As the Interstate continued to expand and grow in the area, it was agreed that both Texarkana Arkansas and Texas needed signs to welcome people to the area.  With discussion between the two city groups, an informal agreement was made to put up signs welcoming visitors to “Texarkana”.  Because of the shared resources, community, shopping, and ties the two cities have, much of the world often sees Texarkana as one city instead of the two.  The groups agreed that the “Texarkana, USA” is often more associated with the area than either city entity.  With an agreement in place, both city groups started searching for locations for potential placements of new signs that would welcome the world to “Texarkana” and the entire community. 

It was at this time that Jerry and Nedra Turney, along with their family, decided they wanted to do more for the sign project.   Jerry and Nedra, whose maiden name was Harris, wanted to find a way to help with the sign and honor Nedra’s parents.  Oscar and Katherine Harris had been citizens and landowners in the area for many years and it just so happened that some of their lands were alongside the Interstate.  Jerry and Nedra decided the best potential land spot for the sign would be a strip of land they could donate to the city and allow it to be the home of the new sign. 

Mary Warner and the rest of the City Beautiful Commission
took possession of the needs and search for a builder for the sign.  Ron Otwell, a local brick mason, who had
built signs for several city parks was ultimately selected to build the large
sign for Texarkana.  Funds were requested
and approved from the A&P Commission of Texarkana, Arkansas, and work moved
forward for the sign.  The sign was
completed and dedicated with city officials, representatives from the area, and
the press on July 9, 2015. 

Since the dedication, the sign has been featured in advertising, pictures, and has become a symbolic point of entry into the Texarkana area.  Behind the scenes, the Miller County Master Gardeners have helped maintain the plants around the sign.  The city crews have watered and have continued to work toward getting a sprinkler system to the sight.  The state highway department has maintained mowing near the sign and has generously cut back trees to allow better visibility of the sign for travelers. 

With all the various groups involved, the work at the sign
shows no indications of ending soon.  The
City Beautiful Commission still discusses and works toward the improvement and maintenance
of the sign at their monthly meetings. 
The Master Gardeners report updates and place recommendations for
planting.  The city updates on water
efforts and needs and the A&P Commission stands ready to assist financially
as needed to support the sign. Recently a beautiful dedication plaque was placed on the sign (see picture).  With the placement of the plaque, Nedra Harris Turney sees the work aspect of the sign and its dedication to her parents as complete.  She is quick to stress that she appreciates all the work, dedication, and help that made the sign possible.  She also reminds the community that the sign will need the support of the community and city groups long after this generation is gone and that each generation will need to pick up, work, and maintain the sign so that it will always be a beautiful and unique welcome to the area known to the world as simply Texarkana. Continue Reading →

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