Local Student Finds Joy and Income as a Texarkana Rising Artist

Texarkana, USA: It’s no secret that college students need income, and Blake Butler is no different from other college students.  Blake has worked his way through school, starting with his associate degree, then a Bachelor’s.  He is currently working on his master’s degree in Social Work.  Like other students, he needed additional income, and like other students, Blake had various levels of interest.  One of those outside interest was fulfilled last year with an early Christmas gift.  Blake took a class with Keegan Kidd of Primal Flow Studios of Texarkana.  Blake found he enjoyed the course and started producing some artwork with the techniques he learned.  Immediately friends and family began to encourage him to create more.

The class with Primal Flow Studios allowed Blake to complete a variety of art called acrylic pouring.  He noted that one of the first things he learned was that this was not merely “pouring” out the paint.  There is an entire process that Blake described that includes words such as “Crazing” and “Floetrol.”  It did not take him long to start producing more works, and he found that he enjoyed it as a hobby and interest outside his schoolwork.   He says that he can spend up to two or three hours at a time going through color palettes and finding just the right colors for the combinations he wants to make.  When making the art, Blake says he has a great “feeling of exhilaration” with the entire process from start to finish. 

As Blake started sharing pictures of his artwork on social media with more friends, he started receiving positive feedback.   Feedback was supportive and uplifting, but as all artist can tell you, friends and family are often too kind as critics.  The real test came when feedback rolling in from people outside his social circle.   The feedback continued to be positive, so Blake decided to take his art to the next level.  He started selling his artwork on a website called Art Station.  At Art Station, Blake was able to display his art in a portfolio style and then extend out to sell on an Etsy store.   

Blake has seen his artwork sells climb higher than he thought possible.  He has even had a commission for a piece from California.  He said that he would name paintings, and while some people accept the interpretation, others will see something entirely different.  That is one of the things that Blake finds exciting.  He says when someone sees something different, it simply means it has been interpreted differently, and that is great.  He will often find himself reevaluating the work based on the comments he receives.   So far, feedback and has been positive and supportive, and income has started to rise slowly.  At this time Blake says he is happy because the income helps support the work.  When he sells a few paintings, he can purchase the supplies need to complete additional works.    

Blake says he does not expect to make a full-time living off his art and that he is happy to be able to support the work.  It’s also fulfilling when someone compliments a work or purchases the work.  As for long term plans, Blake says he will finish school and hopefully teach Social Work in the future.  He has already had the opportunity to show some paint pouring to employees of a local clinic.   Blake can see that there will be many ways to incorporate his art into the area of social work in the future.  He feels that paint pouring can help some people deal with anxiety or depression.  Blake feels that if he can help make someone’s day a little brighter by teaching or sharing the art form, then the early Christmas gift will have paid off tenfold.

You may view or purchase Blake’s artwork at the two sites below:

Blake Butler’s Portfolio Online Website

Blake Butler’s Website of Art for sale.

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