City and County Comes Together…Finally

Texarkana, Arkansas donates fire truck to Miller County

Texarkana, Arkansas donated fire truck for Miller County

For years citizens have been frustrated by the lack of cooperation and willingness to work together between Miller County, Arkansas and Texarkana, Arkansas.  Both city officials and county officials have promised time and again to work together to help promote a unified area.  Until yesterday, those promises always seemed to be preached during campaign seasons and soon forgotten after the elections.  Fortunately the city and the county now has officials prepared and dedicated to fulfilling the “work together” promises. 

When Cathy Hardin-Harrison ran for County Judge, one of the things she promised was to work closer with the city.  Allen Brown had similar visions when he decided to run for Mayor of Texarkana.  Once elected, these two did not waste time in looking for ways that both Texarkana and the county could benefit from working together.  Yesterday citizens of the county and the city saw some of the fruits of a partnership that may well help push the entire area ahead.

Texarkana, Arkansas was able to donate a fire truck to the county.  As a result of the donation, the area of Doddridge will have access to a newer model truck for the needs of everyone in that area.  Judge Cathy Hardin-Harrison was on social media yesterday afternoon thanking Mayor Brown, City Manager Haskins, and Chief Fletcher for the truck.  The judge noted that this was one example of the county and city working together.

When any two entities start off to work together, it can be difficult in the beginning; however, both Texarkana, Arkansas and Miller County, Arkansas, with the leadership of Mayor Brown and Judge Hardin-Harrison, have proven it can be done.  If this partnership can continue and thrive, there will be no limit to the potential jobs, growth, and enhancements that we can see in the city and county.  Naturally, we all know that whenever Bowie, Miller or either of the two Texarkanas benefit from something, the benefit can be felt in the entire region.  This evidence of the promise being kept is certainly a huge positive for our entire area.

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