Sandflat-Glendale Shannon Neighborhood Clean Up Saturday

The Sandflat-Glendale Shannon Center will host a Texarkana, Arkansas clean up day Saturday, April 13, from 8 a.m. to 1p.m. Crews and volunteers will meet at the center located at 209 E. 14th Street and work out from that location. There will be dumpsters on site for community use. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the event.

According to representatives, they will “be going around the neighborhood helping clean up yards and pick up trash etc. ” The dumpsters will be available to the community, but they will not accept Tires, Electronics, Appliances, Trees or branches, or yard waste.

Other locations will include Iron Mountain Center/Jamison Center of Kindness on Couch Street, and Faith, Love & Hope Youth Center on Preston Street. For additional information, contact 903-908-9754 or visit the site:

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