Technology Company Helps Non-Profits

A Texarkana technology company is making it easier for non-profit organizations to serve communities.

Tri-State Technologies, a Texarkana, Arkansas based company, has spent the last year creating a new software for non-profit food service organizations. The software will allow the non-profits to track their inventory, schedule and create meals, store recipes, and reporting. Previously many organizations were forced to keep track of these by hand, a time intensive process that prevented members of the organization from spending the time with the people they serve.

Bryan Garrison of Tri-State Tech stated that a Texarkana based organization came in April 2018 requesting help to manage their inventory. Their organization was spending too much time trying to keep up with their administrative tasks and too little time with the children they feed every day. Originally they were seeking a simple inventory management tool, but according to Bryan, they quickly saw other needs that could be met with the same system.

Out of the need, Pantree was created by Tri-State Tech. The software not only tracks which inventory products an organization has in stock, but keeps track of the actual amounts of the inventory. When an organization schedules a meal to serve they also link their inventory to the meal and upon completion the exact amounts used are removed from their active inventory. This means that organizations no longer have to worry about whether they have enough rice left over from last week’s meal. Pantree can tell them exactly how much food they have remaining and if it is enough to cover this week’s meal.

Pantree can track inventory and meals which allows organizations to be prepared for USDA audits. Tri-State Tech has built easy reporting tools straight into Pantree so that organizations can quickly locate and print exactly what an auditor is requesting. Pantree has many additional features such as eliminating the need to manually check expiration dates on the milk each week, and printing out a list of upcoming expiration dates so organizations can deal with them accordingly. Organizations can also print out a report of exactly how much a meal cost per serving as well as overall along with weekly, daily, and monthly cost reporting.

Pantree launched to the public on March 4, 2019. You can find out more information or purchase your Pantree license at https://Pantree.Kitchen.

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