Congressman Visits Local Committee Meeting

Westerman speaks to group

Miller County, AR: A group of supporters and friends turned out this evening despite the rain to hear Congressman Bruce Westerman and others speak at the Miller County Republican Committee Meeting.  Wayne Smith, the committee chairman, welcomed the group and made announcements before recognizing public figures present.


Among the guest was former State Representative Prissy Hickerson, State Representative Carol Dalby, and State Senator Jimmy Hickey.  Several county officials were present including JP Earnest Pender, County Assessor Elect Nancy Herron, and County Judge-Elect Cathy Hardin-Harrison.   Several officials spoke before the congressman’s arrival and answered questions with the people present.

Congressman Westerman brought the group up-to-date on a growing economy and attributed that growth directly to tax cuts supported and passed by himself and fellow Republicans in Congress.  He noted that there has been an increase in job growth with a tremendous decrease in the unemployment rate.  He also noted that the women’s unemployment rate is at the lowest it has been in years.

According to the Congressman, he has been amazed by some of the statements regarding the economic growth made by opponents.  He said that those same people have stated that Republicans did not make the tax breaks permanent; however, those making the statements failed to point out that they blocked a Republican-supported bill that would have made the cuts permanent.  Now Democrats are openly stating that if they can take back the majority in Congress, they will repeal the tax cuts and in fact place new taxes on the American people.

Westerman noted that the trade deficit is down to 43 billion which is a 2 billion dollar drop from where it had been.  Westerman attributed this positive for American industry to the tariffs put in place.  He said that we are currently seeing a 4.2% growth in the economy.

While Westerman focused on the many positive aspects of his work, the current Congress and the President, he also took time to joke and talk with people at the meeting.  He noted that his daughter is currently attending the U of A which is the school he attended.  He joked that not long after his daughter’s arrival at school, she called him to say there was a picture of the Congressman in the Engineering Department.  His daughter then politely asked that he call them and have it taken down.    Joking aside, Westerman noted that elections and public life are always difficult, especially on family.  He asked that “If you want to help me, keep my family in your prayers.”

David Sterling’s campaign representative then spoke briefly and handed out materials.  Once the meeting was over, Westerman and others spent time talking individually with those in attendance.  Campaign signs and information was provided for those desiring it.


Congressman Westerman with former State Rep. Prissy Hickerson and County Judge-Elect Cathy Hardin-Harrison

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