Fouke Football Coach Suspended With Pay

Coach BarkerFouke, AR – As the school year starts and the lights great prepped for Friday night games, Fouke is finding itself one short in the coaching department.  Head Coach Rick Barker was arrested and charged with public intoxication Thursday evening.

Fouke School responded by suspending the coach pending the outcome with pay.  According to local reports Barker spoke to some news outlets and informed them that he was in an accident.  He would not make any further comments.

Coach Barker had previously coached at Pleasant Grove and is currently a coach at the Fouke Independent School District.  According to social media outlets Barker had retired from Texas as a coach and then took a job with Fouke.  There are several videos online of Coach Barker addressing the Fouke team, accepting donation checks on behalf of the school, and speaking at pep rallies.   Needless to say, there has been a lot of “chatter” about the incident, the coach and what will happen in Fouke online.

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Thomas, Th.D. Clinton S.

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