Active Attack Integrated Response Training

Texarkana Arkansas PoliceAttention all surrounding Law Enforcement, School Security, Emergency Medical, Fire, and Telecommunication Agencies.  The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department in partnership with the Texarkana Arkansas School District and the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center will be hosting several ALERRT Integrated Response Courses in July and August in reference to Mass Casualty Response Training.

Our mission is to provide advanced training to our first responders giving them the skills and knowledge they need to contain and prevent such tragedies as to better protect and serve our communities. We would like to invite all surrounding agencies to these upcoming courses in hopes to build stronger partnerships.

These courses are FREE for your agencies and all needed Training, Safety, and simulation equipment will be provided.

Course: Active Attack Integrated Response Course

Dates Mon Jul 23 – 24 (2018)

Aug 6 – 7 (2018)

Aug 9 – 10 (2018)

Location Texarkana, AR

Hosting Agency

Texarkana PD (AR)


Point of Contact

Rick Cockrell (903) 824-7641

Time: (16 hours/2 days)

Class Size: 42 students, 25 LE from multiple agencies, 15 Fire/EMS, and 2 Dispatch per class

Prerequisite: Participants must be state-certified law enforcement, fire, Tele-communicator or EMS providers. EMS providers should be EMT-B certified (preferably EMT-I or EMT-P).

Required Equipment: Good attitude, open mind, pen and paper, duty gear, body armor, groin protection, and appropriate clothing for “force-on-force” training (i.e. long sleeve shirt, gloves, etc.) Head, eye, and throat protection will be provided by ALERRT.


Recommended Equipment: Participants may wear their agency issued or approved uniform to class each session. This course is a hands-on training course and participants are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing for conducting practical exercises and scenarios. Fire and EMS personnel do not need to bring bunker gear.  Department or agency issued or personal weapons, both primary and secondary, are not required for this course. Officers are responsible for properly securing their weapons during the training course and should follow agency policy.  A lockable storage container will be available on-site to secure handguns during the practical exercise portion of the course.  Handguns must remain in a secure holster to be stored in the provided lockable container.  Ammunition, weapon magazines, batons, electronic control devices, knives, and pepper spray are not allowed in the training area at any time during the course. Duty radios for use in train-ups and scenarios is strongly encouraged.  This allows each individual to work with their equipment they’ll be using in an actual incident as well as it tests the interoperability of the system once multiple agencies are on the scene.


Description: The Active Attack Integrated Response Course (AAIR) is a 16 hour performance level direct delivery course designed to improve integration between law enforcement, fire, telecommunicator and emergency medical services (EMS) in active attack/shooter events. The course provides law enforcement officers with key medical skills based on tactical emergency casualty care (TECC) guidelines, which can be used at the point of injury (POI) to increase the survivability of victims. The course also provides a model framework for law enforcement, fire, and EMS to integrate responses during an active attack/shooter event through the rescue task force concept. This course has been designed to improve the safety and survivability of victims of active attack/shooter events and increase the effectiveness, coordination, and resource integration between law enforcement, fire, telecommunications and EMS when responding to these events.


Thank you and you can visit the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department online at

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