Cuff and Collar Final Days

Cuff and CollarTexarkana, USA– It’s been a downtown storefront for as long as most people can remember, but soon it will be gone.  Cuff and Collar for Tall and Big Men will be closing their doors on April 30th for the final time.  The business has been at 301 E. Broad Street in Texarkana for 40 years.  The store is going out with a final 75% off sale that ends at closing time on the 30th.

While many other stores shifted west toward the mall and new areas of Texarkana, Cuff and Collar maintained its location and loyal customer base with very little advertising and no major fanfare.  Word of mouth seemed to keep the store alive as men, tall and big, would find their way into the store for anything from jeans and T-shirts to suits and ties.  No matter what your need in clothing was Cuff and Collar seemed to have exactly what you needed.   Even recently when people have been talking on social media about needing larger clothes, others have almost immediately mentioned Cuff and Collar.

On April the 30th, the store will close at the end of the day like it has every year on that date.  There will likely be no great fanfare, no major press coverage, and no large crowd standing outside to see the final closing.  Registers will be counted out, inventory remaining will be stored away, and the owners will look for the final utility bills.  To be blunt, Cuff and Collars will likely close on the final day much like any other day with one exception…on May the 1st, there will be no “Open” sign flipped on the door.

Cuff and Collar will quietly fade into the history of downtown Texarkana as a “What was once there” memory.  While the closing of the store will likely pass unnoticed, it is a guaranteed that to the tall and big men of the region and beyond, since the store served on the Internet too, that many will take immediate notice the next time they need clothing.


Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.
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Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.

Editor and Writer at The Four States News
A published writer of  poetry, fiction and non-fiction in both the digital age and the pre-digital age of publishing.  Currently serving as editor and writer for the Four States News all while living life across the four states region from Texarkana, USA.
Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.
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