Local Ministry Releases New Book

JJDMTexarkana, USA – A local ministry has released a new book that is being promoted as a “guide to living a life of breakthrough and miracles.”  Joe Joe Dawson is the author of the book and the founder of Roar Church in Texarkana.

The book is titled “Kingdom Mindset” and is now available online.  The focus of the book is to offer readers an avenue to reform life and lead a “lifestyle of breakthrough and miracles.”  Joe Joe feels that the future is going to hold changes and decision-making times for the children of God, and he hopes to help prepare believers for what may be difficult times.

Joe Joe Dawson Ministries may be found online at http://www.joejoedawson.net/ and the book, “Kingdom Mindset” may be ordered online at Barnes and Noble.  Joe Joe Dawson Ministries may also be contacted at P.O. Box 6081, Texarkana, TX 75501.





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