Live United Bowl 2017

Live United BowlTexarkana, AR – Maybe your team is out of the playoffs, maybe you are just missing local football, or maybe you just want to support a good cause, but whatever your reason may be, football is back at Arkansas High Stadium Saturday.  The celebrations for the Live United Bowl have been going on all week.  The players have been in town, the pep rallies have been held, and tonight everyone is turning in early with hopes and dreams of walking away a winner from tomorrow’s big game.

Parking and tailgate party information can be found on the official site at Live United Bowl  You can also find other information such as ticket cost ($10 for adults and $4 for students) and even information about drawings and other related events.  This year the Pittsburgh State Gorillas will face off against the Arkansas Tech Wonderboys.  Rod Smith from the NFL will also be present to take part in the activities surrounding the game and the halftime performance will be by The Robert St. John Band.

If you can not come out and enjoy the game, you can still watch online at the website.  You can also always donate and help as the Live United Bowl has donated over $25,000 to the United Way of Greater Texarkana.  You can find the United Way of Greater Texarkana at their website – step up today and help.

The Live United Bowl:

United Way of Greater Texarkana:



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