County Government Slows to Honor Veterans

Veteran's Day 2017Miller County, AR– Many people let Veteran’s Day slide past last weekend without much notice, but the elected officials and staff at the Miller County Courthouse did not as they rose above their office duties to do more.  In the middle of fall decorations, pumpkin contest, preparations for the Christmas season, and the recent influx of taxpayers taking care of taxes, officials and staff paused last Friday to honor veterans.

Each office decorated, put up signs, prepared food and snacks, and opened their doors wide to those who have stepped up to answer the call to defend our freedoms.  Everyone from the county judge down to the maintenance staff in the building knows that without veterans, there simply would be no national, state, city, or county government to run.

Stephanie Harvin, Miller County Clerk, posted several pictures on the office Facebook account.  You can see staff decked out in red, white and blue, and flags, banners, and food all around.  The event was not to be dismissed as little.  Miller County Judge Roy John McNatt stated that it was a great event and that he was able to visit each office in the courthouse and see the decorations.   Veterans from across the area dropped in, had a snack and visited with local officials and staff.

The moment on Friday of honoring veterans may have been missed by many in the community.  There were no official fanfare announcements, no grandstanding by politicians and no political speeches.  It was simply a daylong event of honoring the veterans of our nation.   This is the kind of event that should be happening more often in courthouses, city halls, and capitals across the nation.  It’s the kind of event where the focus is only on the veterans – those men and women who step up, and often step out into the line of danger, so that we can remain free.  When our veterans came into Miller County Courthouse, they told stories of their service, interacted with others, and for that day by the county, they were elevated to a level of honor that we should all strive daily to remember and uphold.

There are 75 counties in the state of Arkansas – wouldn’t it be great that if in 2018, all 75 had a Veteran’s Day event like Miller County?  Just imagine how phenomenal it would be if all counties and parishes across the nation did the same thing in 2018?  When you really think about all our veterans have given, sacrificed, and faced to keep us free, it really isn’t too much to ask for a day where county business slows, politicians close their mouths, and we just stop, honor and listen to veterans.

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