Disney Becomes the “Bully” of Theaters, and Consumers

ProjectorDisney was long known as the home of Mickey Mouse, Donald, and an assortment of other characters created inside the gates of the Disney Empire.  Recently, that has changed and Disney has expanded its reach beyond characters they created and into characters that once operated independently or within another company.  Now Disney is using their ownership rights to bully the public and theaters into bending to Disney control.

With the pending release of Star Wars, Disney is bullying theaters by requiring them  to show Star Wars for 4 weeks no matter if it stinks or is a hit.  Disney is further taking 70% off the top in sales, an increased amount which will hurt smaller mom and pop theaters which may have only have one screen.  Smaller theaters depend on more than one movie to be shown in a month, however, with Disney that smaller theater may be penalized an extra 5%.

Disney owns Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and they make own their movies.   Soon they will require viewers to watch their “pay to view all” channel as well where Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, etc. will be exclusively shown.  It appears they want to monopolize the industry with how long theaters show their movies, prices for tickets, 5% penalties to theaters who do not show their movies for 4 weeks, etc.

Consumers might also have noticed when movies first come out on Blu-ray/DVD that there’s not really a “Release” sale anymore.  Disney has shown with Marvel’s Spider-man and DC’s Wonder Woman that the prices were regular price on release.  Movies were running $27.99 or $24.99 and when they finally did go on sale,  the prices were $19.99 or $12.99/$15.99 respectively.

Disney appears to be power hungry, money hungry, most importantly a bully to the theaters, the movie goers, and most recently to the post movie Blu-Ray/DVD customers.  With the addition of a “pay to view all” exclusive network, their monopoly will be sealed in a world where if you want Disney, you pay Disney.  Perhaps this was a fine approach when Disney consisted of movies about small rats, fairy godmothers, and children rising to be kings and queens, but now that they own a cornerstone of formally privately owned movie franchises, it seems unfair to not allow anything outside the steel gates of Disney’s grasp.

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