Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall Dedication Ceremony Saturday

biker Wall Dedication

Texarkana, TX-Ask around and you are bound to find someone that knows a motorcycle rider.  Ask a little further, and you will likely find someone affected by the death of a motorcycle rider.  Whether it was a rider’s fault, a careless motorist not paying attention, or just an unavoidable accident, the fact is motorcycles and their riders do not always do well in crashes.  In fact, too many times the rider of the bike ends up severely injured, or even dead.

Unfortunately, drivers of cars are more likely to not see a motorcycle than a car.  In many cases after an accident, the distraught driver of the car has stated simply, “I did not see the bike.”  When this happens, the driver, the biker’s family and friends, and others are changed forever in many instances.  A friend, husband, brother, son, daughter, etc. is lost.  Those people, many our friends, become “Fallen Bikers”.

The Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall became a mission of local bikers to remember their fallen friends and family.  It also became a mission to help educate drivers about the need to pay attention, watch for bikes, and “share the road.” Sometime ago the group came together and started fundraising, developing a mission and finding the land.  Once the land was found, the need to increase funding became a priority.  Donations have been made, hats, shirts, yard signs, and other materials have lead the way as donations methods to help raise the money.

Soon, thanks to citizens of the area and around the country, Texarkana will have a Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall.  This Saturday (August 19) at 10:30 a.m. the dedication will be made.  City leaders will be present and the land will be dedicated to the Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall.   The wall’s location will be 1600 South Stateline Avenue.  Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall President Mike Thacker has noted that the area was once a paintball game range.   It will be mowed, cleared, and a design for the wall, a walking path, and meditation areas will be put in soon.  People are expected to attend the dedication from across the country.

The public, all media, elected officials, friends and family are encouraged to attend the dedication.  The ceremony will start at 10:30 a.m.

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Press Release

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