Miller County Sheriff Releases “Back to School Safety Reminder”

Miller County, AR- Sheriff Jackie Runion released the statement below regarding the start of the new school year:

It is almost time for our young people to go back to school and we all want the school year to be productive, rewarding and a fun time for students. We must all be diligent and keep the safety of our kids in mind. Traffic will increase dramatically and we encourage everyone to use good judgment and comply with all traffic laws. Please leave early, slow down and expect delays particularly in inclement weather. Do not use electronic devices while driving, know your bus routes and keep a safe distance when in traffic. Passing a stopped school bus in either direction when its alternating flashing lights are activated in the process of loading and unloading passengers is highly illegal and dangerous. Deputies will be following up on and gathering information on hazardous violations for prosecution.

Please note where young kids are present they are busy being kids, running, playing having fun, children can quickly dart out in the roadways or parking lots so we all must drive with care.

Our Children depend on us and we will be working with our schools, parents and the community to make each day a safe rewarding and enjoyable time for all.

Thank You,

Jackie Runion, Sheriff

Miller County


Fouke PatrolGenoa Patrol

The Four States News also noticed  increased safety patrols at the Genoa Central Schools and throughout the school areas in the county during the last year.  This year increased patrols will be seen in both Genoa and the Fouke School Districts.  Please respect our officers, traffic laws and most importantly our children attending these schools.

Press Release

Press Release

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Press Release
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