Equality Texarkana Honors Trans Service Members

Local Equality Group Organizes Silent Gathering to Support Transgender Service Members

Equality Texarkana Painting

Texarkana, TX:  More than sixty participants gathered at the Vietnam War Memorial Saturday evening to observe thirty minutes of silence to show support for transgender service members.  Participants also signed a painting representing the thousands of transgender troops who serve in the United States armed forces. The painting will be given as a gift to SPART*A, an organization that exists to support LGBT service members, veterans, and their families.  The gathering was held in response to President Trump’s tweets stating transgender individuals would not be allowed to serve in the United States military.

Jimmy Pope, Jr., founder and CEO of Equality Texarkana, stated “Every American should have the right to volunteer to defend the freedom that we all enjoy. Transgender military members bravely put their lives at risk for us, and we want to show them we support them and are thankful for their service.”  Tam Sewell, the CFO of Equality Texarkana and a transgender man, stated, “I am touched by the love shown tonight to our trans military siblings by the people of Texarkana.”

In addition to the gathering, Equality Texarkana is organizing a support group for transgender individuals that will be led by Mr. Sewell. Equality Texarkana also offers a support group for parents of LGBT people, as well as free group therapy for LGBT adolescents and adults. The organization is encouraging the community to contact their legislators and voice their support for the LGBT community, and transgender service members in particular.

About Equality Texarkana: Equality Texarkana is the preeminent non-profit organization in the greater Texarkana area dedicated to equality. The group acts as advocates and defenders of the LGBTQ community and stands up for anyone who is affected by inequality. They strive to foster a sense of community and unity among all people through public events, education, and mental health services. Members of Equality Texarkana are committed to living a life based on respect, tolerance, and acceptance of others no matter their ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or political affiliation.  Equality Texarkana recently organized Texarkana’s first Pride March, which took place on June 11, 2017, and was attended by nearly 200 participants.


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