Update from the Fouke Farmers’ Market

Fouke Famers Market

The information and pictures comes from Kevin and Ashley Matthews regarding the Fouke Farmers’ Market

June 3, 2017, Fouke, AR– The news is spreading fast about our small town market! Today was our unofficial first day to be able to come together with the exception of some of the vendors being out due to unforeseen circumstances but next week we intend to be in full swing!

This week the theme was “kids day”. We did “pinch pot planters” for any child that visited the market. Next week the theme is “reuse reduce and recycle” so we will be planting in old toys rubber boots and what ever else we come across! All market activity are always free so children can come out and have a little fun!

We hope everyone can come out and get a chance to experience some of our small town charm at this years market!

Whether your looking for produce from Mr. Story, jams and jellies from Ms. Lemley, all the goodies Mr. Loomis brings from his farm or just want to get a one of a kind cook book from The Citizens for a Better Community, with us growing every weekend we know that we will have the one thing you won’t be able to leave without!

Come out and visit us at 811 N. Monster expressway Fouke Arkansas 8am-2pm weather permitting threw August!



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