City Introduces Draft Comprehensive Plan Update and Seeks Final Input From Citizens

 City of Texarkana TXTEXARKANA, TX– The third and final public engagement meeting regarding the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update will be held Thursday, April 20, 2017, 6:00 p.m. at the Texarkana, Texas Convention Center.  The City will introduce the draft recommendations for each element of the Comprehensive Plan update and receive input from the public to define early priority actions and improvements within the elements of Future Land Use Plan, Parks and Trails; Mobility/Transportation; Urban Design; Downtown; and Neighborhoods.

 Over the past nine months, a 17-member steering committee met monthly; over 1600 public comments have been received; and just over 200 residents attended the Comprehensive Plan meetings so far.  A City’s comprehensive plan is an important guiding document that sets the tone for how a City will develop, grow, and change over time. More specifically, the plan will help guide growth and development in the City for the next 25 years. The City hopes even more citizens will participate in this final meeting to help shape your Texarkana.

 This new Comprehensive Plan will provide clear direction for the development of the community. This includes land use, transportation, parks and recreation, downtown, urban design and much more. It replaces the City’s previous plan, which was adopted in 2001.

 Citizen input is valued and all residents are encouraged to attend and be a part of planning Texarkana’s future.  Additional information can be found at; via email at; at Texas City Hall by contacting David Orr, Director of Planning & Community Development, Daphnea Ryan, City Planner II; or Rick Leisner, Director of Planning and Project Manager for Halff Associates, Inc.

Press Release

Press Release

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Press Release
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