Free Outreach Saturday March 18 at Bramble Park


Life House Church EventTexarkana, USA – Life House Church is holding an “OUTREACH”  this weekend on Saturday 18th.  The event will be held from 10:10 a.m.  until 2:00 p.m.  There will be ton’s of fun and events for the entire family!  The event will be held at Bramble Park.

Unlike other events of this nature, this outreach features a “Free Garage Sale.”  A free garage sale is simple…..bring no money.  Bags will be provided and you put whatever item(s) you want in the bag and there’s no charge.  This is a concept based on the church operated “God’s Closet” located on East Street.  Items are freely given and freely accepted.  Donations are always welcome in the form of clothing, household goods, toys, baby items, etc.  Join in this Saturday’s Free Garage Sale and see how God’s church does at work!

Also at this Saturday’s outreach there will be free hamburgers, free hotdogs,, and free drinks!   As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also free popcorn!  What’s a Saturday event without food, drinks and popcorn?

The outreach will also feature kids activities for the entire time!   To add a little more excitement, I have it on good authority from a member of the church that 2500 balloons were just purchased today for what could be one of the biggest Kids Water Balloon Battles in all Texarkana history!

Don’t miss this opportunity Saturday at 10:10 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at Bramble Park!  More information can be obtained by calling 870-216-1936, but rather than call, why not just come out and see it for yourself?  Remember, this is your “no-strings” attached chance to be part of a huge, free event!  Perhaps more importantly,  you’ll see God’s workers helping to bring smiles to kids and fun for all!




Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.
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Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.

Editor and Writer at The Four States News
A published writer of  poetry, fiction and non-fiction in both the digital age and the pre-digital age of publishing.  Currently serving as editor and writer for the Four States News all while living life across the four states region from Texarkana, USA.
Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.
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