Texarkana, Texas to Participate in City Hall Selfie Day


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Texarkana, TX.  “Selfie” is a new term to some and an old, or at least a few years old, to others.  The term “Selfie” means to take a picture of yourself.  This is usually accomplished by holding your self phone out, smiling, and clicking the picture.  Once taken, the selfie can be sent to friends, modified for various social media programs, or simply added to your social media site so someone will know what you look like when they click on your online profile.   On Monday, August 15, Texarkana, Texas City Hall will participate in the #CityHallSelfie Day.

According to Public Informations Officer Lisa Thompson, “The purpose of the day is to invite residents and visitors to come to City Hall, take a selfie, and post on social media about their participation. We hope this will encourage residents to get involved in local  government and the decision making process. If you have a chance, could you help us spread the word? We will be giving away prizes for participation all day on Monday, and we’d love to have any of you that are interested come by and snap a selfie, too.”

More information can about this event can be obtained at http://elgl.org/2016/07/25/smile-national-cityhallselfie-day-is-august-15/.

Texarkana, Texas is promoting this event as an opportunity to come by City Hall, take a “Silly” Selfie and post it.   This sounds like a fun event and the Four States News can’t wait to see the post going up on social media.




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