More Costly Delays on Hwy 82 Project (Video)

Bowie County TexasBowie C0unty Commissioners Court handled routine business yesterday, and was uneventful for the most part.

Judge Carlow was granted authority to re-negotiate the contract with the Arkansas Department of Corrections and Bowie County for additional beds. The current contract is for 288 beds, and the county is currently housing an additional 48 inmates.

The Court also appointed Frances McGregor to the Board of Trustees of Community Healthcore.

More than half the time was taken in discussion of a single public comment. Carl Marks, a contractor with over 40 years experience on TX-DOT projects, asked the Court to help expedite the supply of materials for the Hwy 82 project.

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Much of the sand used in concrete for TX-DOT projects has been under water since the spring floods. Contractors are searching for substitutions, but certification by TX-DOT has been slow.

Marks, whose company is sub-contracted to pour concrete driveway connections to Hwy 82, said they expected to be able to complete 40-50 driveways per month, but were only able to complete 16 last month, and none so far this month. He said he has suggested using sand from Garland City AR, currently approved by the Arkansas Department of Transportation, or changing the ratio of concrete to sand, but hasn’t heard anything from TX-DOT.

John Goodwin, Lochner’s project chief, said there were many factors which contributed to the slow progress, and slow approval of alternatives. The project, as initially approved by the State and Bowie County, was supposed to be completed by last March. Now, some estimate that the project may not be completed until the fall of 2016.

[youtube id=”cNCuGUr_udM”]

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