What Happens November 5?

Ron and Terry Humphrey. New Covenant Life Fellowship. New Boston TXIn less than a week, elections will be held in races that are for offices at the national, state, and local levels. Most have one thing in common: all the parties involved seem to spend more time pointing out the opposition’s faults rather than their own candidate’s positive achievements and character traits. We seem to vote against someone or something rather than for our values.

As a pastor, this troubles me. The Bible teaches us that when division exists, the demise of the entity in which the division exists is imminent. We have seen many examples of those who seem to benefit from acrimony causing more damage when they take it upon themselves to get involved in a dispute.

The fact that division exists in many of the areas we are told to protect unity in, i.e. the family, the church, civil governments, is undeniable. Ephesians 4:2-3 tells us to strive, to be diligent, to protect and preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. The Holy Spirit will work with us to bring peace into division if we allow Him to enter in.

I want to ask you, what will you do on November 5th if the candidate you support loses? Or, in light of earlier statements, if the candidate you oppose wins? Will you continue to disparage them, or will you lay down your sword and join the fight to bring peace in place of a sword? After all, we will all still be citizens of (fill in the name of the political subdivision that applies).

Please, let’s all come behind whomever wins and support the city, state, county, nation we live in. Remember, the truth is, no entity divided against itself will stand.

New Covenant Life Fellowship, New Boston TX

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