Bill Henson Announces Candidacy for Commissioner, Precinct 2

Bill Henson

Bill Henson

I’m Bill Henson, and I’m running for Commissioner of Bowie County Precinct 2.

I’m not running because I’m bored. I’ve worked 60-100 hours a week for the last several years. I’m self-employed, and I love what I do.

I’m running because I’m angry.

I’m angry that the roads of Precinct 2 aren’t getting fixed.

I’m angry that my opponent voted for a property tax increase when we should have enjoyed a reduction.

I’m angry that my opponent didn’t want Christmas lights on our courthouse this year. I’m especially angry that he tried to blame that on the county judge.

I’m angry that the trust of the citizens of Bowie County is being betrayed over and over for the gain of a handful of people.

I can’t be bought, and I’m pretty hard to persuade. If you elect me, I’ll focus my attention on Precinct 2, and on restoring legitimate government to Bowie County. Period.

The primary election is on March 4th. I hope you’ll support me. Contribute a few dollars, put a sign in your yard… but above all, let your friends and neighbors in Precinct 2 know that they can help us make a difference.

Thank you, and God bless.

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