Lacy to Oppose Carlow as Independent in General Election

Judge Sterling LacyShortly before 5PM today, Judge Sterling Lacy formally announced his candidacy to be re-elected as Bowie County Judge, this time running as an independent.

Lacy announced on December 3 of last year that he would not be seeking re-election. “My decision not to run was based on personal and family issues,” Lacy said. Lacy’s son, Tim, passed away on September 11 after a two-year battle with cancer. However, the number of people that contacted him, urging him to stay in office, made him reconsider. He filed a declaration of intent to run as an independent just 10 minutes before the deadline on December 9. “I took a chance that by the time the primary was finished the family issues would be resolved,” he said. “I decided to keep the door open.”

In order to run for office as an independent, Texas law requires a series of steps:

  1. Candidates must file a “Declaration of Intent to Run as an Independent Candidate” with the appropriate office – the county judge for county and precinct offices, or with the Secretary of State for state and district offices.
  2. After the primary election, the candidate must collect at least 500 signatures from registered voters who (1) support the candidate’s application for a place on the general election ballot, and (2) have not participated in the general primary election.
  3. The candidate must file the application and the petition with the appropriate office by 5PM, June 26 2014.

I asked if he would have run against Jeff Akin, had Akin won the primary race against Carlow. Akin announced his candidacy for County Judge on the same day Lacy announced he would not run. “That’s a hypothetical,” Lacy replied. “What’s definite is that we cannot go back to the borrowing practices that have cost our county so dearly.”

Lacy also said that he wants to continue to improve the way the county handles guardianship cases. “We have made good progress with our procedures in probate and mental health cases. I want to continue the progress with guardianships.”

Lacy said that a lot of people feel that the Republican Party no longer represents them. “This will be an interesting campaign in a lot of ways. We’ll find out if an independent can be a viable candidate in Bowie County.”


Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer, filed March 10 2014

Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer, filed March 10 2014


Declaration of Intent to Run as an Independent Candidate, <br>filed December 9 2013

Declaration of Intent to Run as an Independent Candidate,
filed December 9 2013


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14 thoughts on “Lacy to Oppose Carlow as Independent in General Election

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  2. I am looking forward to a man of good sense, integrity, and an overall attitude of wanting to serve Bowie County remain as our Bowie County Judge. Sure beats the alternative.

    • By participating in the primary, you “become” a Democrat or Republican for two years. Anyone who voted in the Democrat primary, for example, can’t vote in the Republican runoff between Hall and Ratcliffe.

      (That doesn’t affect the general election in November – you can vote a split ticket.)

      So, Lacy needs 500 signatures from Bowie County registered voters who didn’t vote in the primary last week, and want him to run as an independent.

  3. Why was Judge Carlow voted out in the first place? Carlow and the good ole boys were playing fast and lose with our tax money for decades. Great move on Judge Lacy’s and Akin’s part they cleaned out ole carlows war chest. Now carlow is up against something his ilk hate, a “fair fight,”

    • Hey, having Carlow spend another small fortune to try to beat Judge Lacy will help Bowie County’s economy. This time don’t just spend a $100,000 or so Mr. Carlow, spend a million or so. Let the people know how bad and desperate for power you really are. LOL

  4. I recently talked to someone who has a close family member who works for Carlow. They say they won’t vote for Carlow because the bad things that are said about Carlow are at least partly true. Why would Carlow even want the job unless he has ulterior motives? He’s got a number of businesses which make plenty of money. Wouldn’t that be embarrasing for Bowie County if he goes to jail after we’ve elected him as judge? It could happen folks.

  5. Sterling Lacey a good man give me a break. Announces Dec. 3rd not running in republican primary, I guess hoping we would be stuck with Akin, then secretly files paperwork to run as an INDEPENDENT less than 1 WEEK later… along with another INDEPENDENT for county treasurer…. people like this are one of the many reason people don’t trust their government!!!!!

    • Ever hear of wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove? Go to Judge Lacy’s office like several of us have done and are doing and get the facts. Then and only then, comment on the facts, not a bunch of false statements. I am tired of people that have nothing to say acting like they know it all lecturing everyone else with their lies.

      • we can all smell the crap you’re shoveling…. They say that ignorance is it’s own deodorant, and you must be wearing a lot. The facts remain, Lacy states he is not running, and Jorge I mean Jeff Akin files to run. Akin is fired from his radio show( it was about time). Lacy files the paperwork to run as an independent with himself, 10 minutes before the deadline. Lacy waits for the results from the primary Akin loses, And Lacy has a change of heart, family no longer matters, all that matters is his ego. His mistake was putting his faith in Akin. A smarter person would have known that Akin did not have a chance.

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